The “Lift and Fill Facelift” That You Were Searching For Is Here

Editor's Note: Dr. Paul Durand of Careaga Plastic Surgery gives Haute Beauty a Q&A on the “Lift and Fill Facelift”.

careaga faceliftPhoto Credit: Careaga Plastic Surgery

HB: What is the “Lift-and-Fill Facelift”?

Facial aging occurs in different ways. Traditionally, facial rejuvenation surgery consisted of just “lifting” and tightening the skin in hopes of achieving a younger look. We have now realized that an equally important part of the aging process is volume loss, particularly that of facial fat.

The “Lift-and-Fill Facelift” offers a customized approach for restoring youthfulness to one’s face; it not just corrects soft tissue laxity but also addresses volume loss. Tightening the underlying muscle layer allows for the skin to naturally drape the area, resulting in a long-lasting and natural outcome.

No facelift is complete without addressing the jawline and neck area. The “Lift-and-Fill Facelift” serves a dual purpose of restoring both the midface and the lower face/neck area. The final part of all of these procedures is the tightening of the platysma muscle layer, which helps define the jawline and correct the hanging tissue in one’s neck.

HB: Who is a good candidate?

Good candidates for the “Lift-and-Fill facelift” are healthy individuals with some level of skin laxity and facial volume loss who are seeking for a customized procedure to give them a natural, long-lasting result with minimal downtime.

HB: Will my incisions be noticeable?

All incisions are planned in key locations to avoid them being noticed after healing. Incision length varies depending on the patient and what is trying to be corrected. A properly executed facelift should be one where no one knows you ever had the procedure.

careaga facelift Photo Credit: Careaga Plastic Surgery

HB: What is the recovery like?

Very few patients complain of pain from this procedure. After surgery, patients have a bulky head dressing for the first 24 hours. This is taken down the day after surgery and another lighter dressing or chin strap is used. Bruising typically resolves after the first week, and swelling is normal for the first few weeks. After two weeks most patients are able to attend social events without people ever knowing they had surgery.

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