Meet The Clean Beauty Brand Beloved By Celebs

Emma Watson in the Goodlash+ Mascara

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In a day and age where we're finally starting to look at and notice what exactly it is we're putting in and on our bodies, we've seen a rise in clean beauty products more than ever before. While there's many that dub themselves as "clean" or all-natural on the market, we challenge you to take a closer look and do your research before you make your purchase. However, there's one brand that we've gotten the chance to try, and judging by its celebrity-cult following Emma Watson, Heather Rae Young and Sarah Rafferty, it's clear that its users are loving the results.

Photo Credit: Fitglow Beauty

Embodying the ethos of green + green beauty makeup and skincare created with plant-based ingredients that serve a purpose, Fitglow Beauty is one of the few all-natural skincare brands that you can feel good about putting on your body and skin, that also gives fantastic results. It's organic, cruelty-free and gluten-free. What better way to go into the New Year than transforming your skin and beauty regimens with ingredients that are good for you?

Photo Credit: Fitglow Beauty

While it may sound too good to be true, we promise it's not. The skincare line is referred to as "phytoactive skincare," which utilizes synergistic plant actives to deliver nutrients into the skin, resulting in a luminous, dewy and healthy glow—working with, rather than against, your skin's natural function to give the best results. Some of our favorites include the Makeup Cleansing Oil, which completely rids your face of all makeup efficiently and soothingly, without leaving any residue or burning; as well as the Vita Active Kit, complete with a Vita Active Serum, Vita Active Cleanser, Vita Rich Creme and a cosmetic bag, that restores your skin to a youthful and bright state, working together to deliver the best results.

Photo Credit: Fitglow Beauty

The makeup is also a hit, offering everything from eyeliner and mascara to cheek and eye palettes, eye brightening cream, concealer and so much more. The Goodlash+ Mascara is a top-seller, which was seen on Emma Watson on the red carpet. It results in some of the longest and healthiest looking lashes, with a no-clump, natural fan look that will have your eyes popping from day to night. You can also enhance the look with the Lash Boost Liner Duo. Another favorite is the Vita-Active Foundation, which delivers the perfect skin tone, all the while nourishing the skin with superfoods and vitamins. It's plant-based and composed of Vitamin C, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Brighteners and Beta-Carotene.

For more information on Fitglow Beauty and its products, please visit its website here.