7 Products For Luscious Lips

Odds are you go to great lengths to help your facial skin look and feel its best—but what have you done for your lips lately? This delicate area requires extra TLC thanks to super-thin skin, lack of oil glands (so the lips can’t self-moisturize) and lots of movement that can eventually lead to lines and wrinkles. As if that weren’t enough, you probably skip your lips when you slather sunscreen all over the rest of your face. Now are you convinced that your lips deserve a little extra attention? These products can help keep your lips soft, smooth, plump and pillowy…

Macrene Actives High Performance Lip Filler
If you think you need chemicals for a plumper pout, guess again. This recently revamped, cleaner-than-ever formula boosts lip volume with microencapsulated hyaluronic acid, peptides and botanical extracts, smooths fine lines, soothes chapped lips and provides antioxidant protection to fight environmental damage in one eco-friendly glass tube. With time, lip injections may become a mere memory. Priced at $125; click here for more information or to purchase.

Macrene-ActivesPhoto Credit: Macrene Actives

111Skin Meso Infusion Lip Duo
Designed to enhance volume and smooth lip texture, this two-step treatment works to promote the skin’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The Step 1 mask features ultra-filling spheres, peptides and bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) to optimize lip definition, while Step 2 seals in these active ingredients and provides long-lasting moisture. The result: A potent lip treatment than can easily be used while you’re on the go. $70; click here for more information or to purchase.

111SkinPhoto Credit: 111Skin

RéVive Lip Perioral Renewal Serum
If you love your lips enough to give them a coveted spot in your morning and evening skincare routines, this supercharged serum is for you. Formulated to minimize vertical lines around the lips (and, in turn, prevent lipstick from bleeding), this rehydrating, reparative serum is also packed with antioxidants to help delay the development of further signs of aging. Priced at $115; click here for more information or to purchase.

ReVivePhoto Credit: RéVive

ILIA Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator
Once you step up your lip-care game, you’ll surely want to call more attention to your pout with lipsticks and glosses galore. But before you reach for any lippie, a little exfoliation can go a long way in terms of how it looks after you swipe it on. This easy-to-use, stick-based lip scrub contains a hydrating blend of organic shea butter, sunflower and sesame seed oils and jojoba seed powder, plus volcanic stone powder to slough away dry, dead cells—and the clean, gluten-free, cruelty-free formula offers a safe yet effective means for revealing soft, smooth, healthy lips. Priced at $26; click here for more information or to purchase.

ILIAPhoto Credit: ILIA

UZ 38°C/99°F Lip Treatment
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a mere lip gloss, because there’s a lot more going on inside this treatment. With prebiotics and lactic acid to keep skin protected and hydrated, energy-charged minerals to promote a healthy flush and an ergonomically-designed doe-foot application that delivers complete coverage in one swipe—there’s a reason it’s the number-one lip treatment in Japan. If you’re one who applies lip balm over and over again throughout the day, with this paraben-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free treatment you’ll soon see that your lips start moisturizing themselves. Priced at $20; click here for more information or to purchase.


Clé de Peau Lip Glorifier
Formulated with shea butter, safflower oil and argan oil for a mega-dose of moisture, this tinted, nourishing balm takes your lips one step further by leaving a delicate wash of color behind. Available in Pink (with a rose scent), Red (with a tingly mint sensation) and Coral (with a hint of honey), each version also contains licorice root extract to condition the lips and prevent chapping—and it can be used as a treatment, lipstick primer or on its own. Priced at $45; click here for more information or to purchase.

Cle-de-PeauPhoto Credit: Clé de Peau

Dior Addict Lacquer Plump
Combining the benefits of a lip-plumping treatment, long-wear lip color and showstopping shine, this innovative, light-as-air formula with hibiscus extract and hyaluronic acid may be the secret to your prettiest pout ever. Available in 16 shades including Classics, Neons and Glitters that leave the lips tinted for up to eight hours, Dior’s own testing showed a 78-percent increase in lip moisture levels 24 hours after application. Priced at $38, click here for more information or to purchase.

Dior-Plumping-LacquerPhoto Credit: Dior