Get To Know Face Expert Dr. Milind Ambe

Dr. Milind AmbePhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Dr. Milind Ambe

My greatest achievement:

My daughters.  Being their father and watching them grow into amazing young women makes me the most proud.

The future of my field is:

Continued non surgical treatment options to tighten the skin,  reduce fat, sculpt the body and overall improve skin texture and tone.

The biggest misconception about my field is:

That someone will look “fake” or have such drastic changes that they will no longer look like themselves if they have plastic surgery, especially on their face.  If done correctly this should not be the case at all.  For instance, a good facelift should make someone look like themselves but just 10-15 years younger and more refreshed.

My most requested procedures are:

Lower face and neck lift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and breast lifts or revision breast surgeries.

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

I am always excited and interested in learning the best possible techniques for my surgeries.  Over the last 21 years I feel I have perfected my techniques by being open minded and always willing to learn and improve my skills, which has proved me well.

I am best known for:

Facial plastic surgery (facelifts and blepharoplasty) plus breast surgery (breast lift with/without implants, breast reductions and revision breast surgery).

My most memorable patient reaction:

When Tamra Judge disclosed to Andy Cohen LIVE on national TV on the WWHL program (which was not planned on his live show) that I had just performed a lower facelift and necklift on her only 2 weeks before (and I had actually operated on her upper and lower eyelids as well, which Tamra disclosed the next day).  This was the first time a celebrity had disclosed “live” on national TV that she just had a face and necklift (and just two weeks before!)

What sets my practice apart:

Other than me being very meticulous with my work, I believe my staff sets my practice apart from others. I have an excellent staff and most have all been with me for over 10 years (several over 14 years).

What I love most about my profession:

Is the ability to help someone feel more confident in themselves.  Some procedures I perform on patients can be life changing for them, which is always very satisfying.

My career defining procedure:

I would say my career defining procedure is a facelift.  People come from all over the world to have me perform this because I give them their youthful appearance back without making them look overly pulled or like a totally different person.

I am excited to offer new services that:

Help rejuvenate the skin and offer non surgical options for body sculpting and skin tightening.