5 Targeted Face Procedures That Make A Big Difference


Face Procedures Photo Credit: ShutterstockWhen we look in the mirror, we often focus on one particular area or concern that seems to be standing in the way of our perceived beauty. At the same time, we may also fail to acknowledge how the various parts of the face (including the eyes, nose, chin, jawline or teeth) work together to create a harmonious appearance. This concept is often referred to as the Golden Ratio, which dates back to ancient Greece, and it all comes down to proportions. With respect to the face, math can actually dictate what is perceived as attractive—and in many cases, minor tweaks to the position and angles associated with one specific feature can have a profound effect on our appearance as a whole. Here, the procedures for small areas of the face that can make the biggest impact.

Eye-area surgery

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, and this area can play host to several different issues and concerns, both genetic and related to the aging process. From sagging upper eyelids and dark circles to under-eye bags and an overall fatigued appearance, eye-area surgery offers dramatic, long-lasting improvement. When performing any type of eye surgery, the ultimate goal is natural-looking results, and oculoplastic expert Dr. Johnson Lee says, “Patients have several options when it comes to rejuvenating their eyes depending on their age and the amount of recovery they are willing to accept. Procedures that remove excess skin or under-eye bags can provide subtle but beautiful results, and be performed without general anesthesia and minimal downtime. More complex procedures to lift the corners of the eyes and cheeks or tighten the eyelids can create very dramatic results, making eyes appear decades younger—though these can require a longer recovery period after surgery.” In most cases, patients are back to their usual activities within 10 days to two weeks—with minimal pain or discomfort.


Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is one of the most commonly performed facial plastic surgery procedures. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Samuel Lin explains, “Rhinoplasty (aesthetic and functional) is a procedure that helps contour and shape the nose in a natural way while maintaining or even improving its function according to a patient’s needs and goals. The results are also typically long-lasting.” Rhinoplasty incisions can be limited to within the nose itself, or placed externally at the base of the nose, but any scarring is nearly invisible once healed. Although recovery only takes a week or two at most, results continue to refine for up to a year after surgery.

Face ProceduresPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Chin and jawline enhancement

Lower-face concerns can be due to age-related changes that lead to a loss of definition along the jawline, or genetics that give us a chin that lacks projection. Either way, this area greatly contributes to our overall facial impression, and there are several ways to enhance these contours and create a more harmonious appearance. “Depending on the level of correction necessary, chin implants, genioplasty (chin surgery) or jaw advancement surgery can be used to enhance the projection of the chin and create a more aesthetically-pleasing profile. Minimally-invasive treatments such as injectables are gaining popularity and offer a nice alternative to surgery in the appropriate candidate. When it comes to the jawline, the most effective treatments are dictated by the root cause of the issue, whether it is excess skin or the natural bone structure,” explains Haute Beauty expert Dr. Earl Stephenson. “The most common jawline-enhancing procedures include injectable fillers or custom implants to increase definition, energy-based skin tightening and tried-and-true surgical procedures to elevate lax neck tissue and skin,” Dr. Stephenson shares.

Neck improvement

The neck is merely an extension of the face, but unfortunately, it isn’t usually treated as such. Often overlooked in terms of skincare and sun protection, with time this area is prone to lines and wrinkles, fat accumulation, sagging and increased visibility of underlying muscle. There are several rejuvenating options for the neck, all of which depend on the underlying issues. Energy-based skin-tightening treatments can help improve skin sagging, Botox and other injectable toxins can reduce the appearance of vertical bands and Kybella can permanently reduce accumulated fat—and of course a neck lift can address all of these concerns in one surgical procedure.


The power of bright, white, straight teeth can’t be underestimated, and you don’t necessarily need to spend upwards of a year or more wearing braces or using invisible aligners to get a beautiful smile. Veneers offer a quick yet long-lasting solution, and they are completely customized to create the ideal look that complements the face as a whole. “These days, cosmetic dentistry is all about creating tailor-made smiles. First, we discuss what is possible based on the patient’s wants. I also take their personality, how they talk, the expressions they make and how high their actual smile goes verses a social smile into account. Then I make sure they get the smile they want while ensuring their teeth also work functionally,” explains Haute Beauty smile expert Dr. Husam Almunajed. “We are also seeing a return to natural beauty If a smile makeover is done well, you can’t actually tell that something was done. Veneers are supposed to look like natural teeth, which include different shapes, indents and texture. But if veneers are done poorly, it’s easy to tell. They can change your face, push your lip out and sometimes even affect the way you talk.”