What To Expect When You Finally Get Back To Your Plastic Surgeon’s Office

All of the major industries are adopting new policies and regulations to adapt to a world with COVID-19. Whether you are a passenger flying who will have to board the plane 10 people at a time and wear a mask with no beverage service or a guest at a restaurant who has to have your temperature checked not be able to wait at the bar for social distancing reasons, no industry is immune. Though these changes will feel onerous and inconvenient, the policies are to ensure patient/client safety. Doctor's offices are no exception to this. Part of our exceptional experience at Dr. Shridharani's LUXURGERY practice on Fifth Avenue in New York City is ensuring that our patients feel comfortable and safe when they are with us. From the in-office social distancing policies to our staff’s diligent use of disinfectant and PPE, we are taking all of the appropriate measures to ensure that, when the time comes, LUXURGERY will be a safe place to be to receive cosmetic medical care.

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Stay informed

With all of these changes, policies are created to ensure the safety of not only our beloved patients but also our dedicated and talented staff members. More considerations need to be made before proceeding with elective cosmetic treatments and surgeries. Recommendations are changing daily, but last check may include test all patients planning on undergoing surgical procedures to reduce the risk of operating on an asymptomatic COVID-19 positive patient. Yes, there may be more "hoops" to jump through but it is all in the interest of everyone's safety.

What can I do?

The onus is also on YOU. Patient responsibility can be equally as important as the practice’s responsibility. If showing symptoms or having any qualms about potential COVID-19 exposure, STAY HOME and reschedule for a later time. You may be yearning for your botox or lip filler, but don't compromise health care workers or others if you are in touch with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. We are taking the proper precautions to protect patients and we hope that patients will do the right thing and protect us in return.

How else can I stay connected with my doctor?

Virtual visits are a great way to stay connected with your doctor while also keeping a safe distance and avoiding any unnecessary exposure. Most appointments, such as consultations and follow-up visits, can be done virtually from the comfort of your own home. Though you may want to consolidate your visits and not have a pre-treatment visit or appreciate the "in-person" intimacy of your care, there will be many more virtual doctor visits and this is to limit your time and exposure in any environment other than your home.

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What's next?

There are still a lot of unknowns but we do know that this is the new “normal”. The world is evolving just like it has been for centuries. For now, this may seem unsettling and impossible to overcome, but we will get through this...like generations of people before us.

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