Facial Wrinkles In Men And How To Treat Them

Wrinkles do not discriminate between genders and, no one is immune to the visible signs of aging.  When it comes to treating wrinkles in men, neurotoxin injectables are the easiest and most subtle way to reduce wrinkles. Haute Beauty talks to PA Reana Meyers injectable expert at Careaga Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida to learn more about injectables for men.

Botox for menPhoto Credit: Photo courtesy of Careaga Plastic Surgery

What kind of options are available for men when it comes to treating wrinkles with an injectable?

Some of the most popular options to reduce wrinkles and improve overall facial appearance are neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport, and dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.

How do Neurotoxin Injectables work?

Neurotoxins work by relaxing muscles. When injected into targeted areas such as the muscles of the forehead or around the eyes, neurotoxins can prevent wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Often neurotoxin injections can be combined with dermal fillers. The most common fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. Fillers can be used to restore volume in certain areas of the midface.

Is there an average age of men seeking treatment for wrinkles?

There is not such as “right age” to get injectables. Every patient has different reasons for getting injectables, whether it is to prevent wrinkles or to reduce existing ones.

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If a man is nervous about seeking cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, what should they know?

It is normal for anybody to feel nervous before any procedure. This is why consults are crucial and an important part of the process. The provider can address all the patient’s concerns before the procedure. Neurotoxins are a very popular injections for the reasons that results are excellent, the downtime minimal, and the side effects (when done correctly) nearly non-existent.

Does the method in treating wrinkles in men via an injectable differ from treating wrinkles in women?

There are some differences in injectables between men and women. For example, men tend to need more units of Botox or Dysport than women due to the fact that men have a greater muscle mass than women. Also, the technique is different in men because it is important to maintain the natural masculine features without looking expressionless.

What is recovery like?

Recovery with most injectables is minimal and fast. Some temporary redness, swelling, and bruising is possible. Most patients return to work immediately after. It is important to avoid exercise, alcohol, and NSAIDs immediately before and after the procedure.

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