Why Plastic Surgery Surges During A Pandemic According to Dr. Careaga

Dr. Daniel Careaga is an award-winning plastic surgeon who specializes in a range of body, face, and breast procedures. By utilizing his extensive experience in all these fields, Dr. Careaga has gained a reputation for being a meticulous plastic surgeon with a powerful practice: Careaga Plastic Surgery. Dr. Careaga holds a rare double board certification in plastic surgery. With the experience of over 8,000 successful operations performed, Dr. Careaga knows beauty and what his patients want.

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Haute Beauty sat down with Dr. Careaga to learn why plastic surgery is surging around the world amidst a global pandemic.

While cosmetic surgery was limited to non-elective procedures at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic Haute Beauty Exper Dr. Daniel Carega has been noticing an uptick in patients in his Miami, Fla. practice, Careaga Plastic Surgery, which has been busier than ever in it’s last 5+ years since being open.

“It has sort of become overwhelming and it’s tough not just here. This is not even just nationwide, this is world-wide. The surge of plastic surgery cases after COVID-19 has really increased,” says Dr. Careaga.

Dr. Careaga credits two major reasons as to why plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have been at an all-time high for him.

Video Calls

Whether it be work conference calls or family gatherings via Skype, Zoom or Facetime, Dr. Careaga has noted a large uptick in minimally invasive procedures like injectables, lips, Botox, facial treatments for spots and fine wrinkles and textural issues.

“People are now constantly on their video conferencing and they want to look their best. They can't impress with what they're wearing or how good they look now that they've lost 15 or 20 pounds. So, they really want to impress with their face,” says Dr. Careaga.

“Their lips, they want full and plump so that when they’re on their zoom meetings, whether it's with the clients or their boss, they want to be able to impress just like they would if they were going to the office,” he adds.

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Work From Home

Working from home has opened up the opportunity for many, who may have thought about plastic surgery but taking time off was not an option.

“Now that so many people are working from home, it has really allowed patients to have their surgery and, literally in a weekend, they're back at their desk at home and working,” Dr. Careaga says.

“We have had patients who have had a consultation in the last several years that were never able to book because of lack of time off and they have called in and said ‘I can do it now.’”

So if you’ve ever needed a reason to finally treat yourself on that cosmetic treatment you’ve always wanted, there’s no time like the present according to Dr. Careaga.

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