Dr. Chopra Talks His Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

For many women, breasts are a defining characteristic of femininity. Small breasts, sagging breasts or specific breast conditions can have a big impact on self-confidence. In fact, a recent study published by Body Image found that nearly 71% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts; 48% long for larger breasts; and 23% wished their chests were smaller. Interestingly enough, only 29% expressed happiness with their breast size.

While Breast Augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures; it still comes with many post-operative challenges for patients during recovery. However, there is a novel approach that overcomes many of the issues patients experience during recovery downtime allowing them to quickly enjoy their new look and resume daily life.

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Dr. Karan Chopra, MD, a John Hopkins-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with an expertise in aesthetics is a partner to Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz, the founder of Twin Cities Plastic Surgery based in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Gryskiewicz is highly regarded within the medical community as a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Professor, and active member of The Aesthetic Society. Dr. Gryskiewicz was an early adopter of the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation technique and is now an industry leader having performed thousands of successful surgeries. As a team, Dr. Chopra has learned extensively from Dr. Gryskiewicz’s skilled expertise and now offers this breast enhancement procedure for patients in conjunction with other facial and body treatments.

By using the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation procedure, Dr. Chopra is able to mitigate difficult post-operative challenges that can weigh heavily on a patient’s decision-making process.


Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation is an innovative “no-touch” surgical approach, in which special instruments and techniques are used to minimize tissue trauma and avoid ribcage contact. Additionally, dissolvable sutures are used in place of unnecessary drains, bandages or surgical straps that can cause post-operative discomfort and possible complications. Together, these protocols decrease inflammation and swelling and may shorten recovery to as quickly as 24-hours. In his extensive experience, Dr. Chopra has seen a remarkable difference in patient recovery with this technique.

The Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation procedure is a great option for patients pursuing natural-looking enhancement. In other words, this procedure calls for breast implant dimensions that are proportional to their anatomy.

He begins the process with a consultative assessment that is critical to saving time and unnecessary tissue harm in the OR. To exceed his patient’s expectations and ensure a speedier recovery, Dr. Chopra thoroughly analyzes and measures the patient's breasts, then they collaboratively select an implant that fits the patient’s physique, rather than fitting and filling them during the surgery. “This fine level of careful pre-operative planning sets the patient up for a speedy recovery,” notes Dr. Chopra.

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One of the most common concerns Dr. Chopra hears from patients during a breast enhancement consultation is, “Will my breasts look natural with implants?”
Through his years of experience in performing this Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation procedure, Dr. Chopra, has perfected a signature technique to intuitively recreate the natural characteristics of an ideal breast shape and size. With a few added touches, Dr. Chopra sculpts a soft-touch look and feel that he likes to call the “chic-boob finish.” By adding a layer of the patient’s own lipo-transferred fat over the implant, he recreates a natural fluffy fullness that minimizes implant edges. Secondly, implant location is placed under the pectoral muscle to create a seamless sloping look that mimics a natural breast shape. Lastly and most importantly, in certain patients, incisions can even be placed in armpits to keep breast tissue and skin seamless and scarless.

Dr. Chopra’s “chic-boob” finishing touch is one of the ways in which he is pushing the boundaries of plastic surgery to better patient outcomes and exceed their expectations.


To achieve an ideal 24-hour quick recovery, patients are encouraged to resume daily activities and to practice their range of motion with light arm and shoulder exercises directly after surgery. One additional post-operative benefit is managing any residual pain with anti-inflammatories and pain-killer medications, rather than narcotics. If not taking narcotics, patients are often able to drive the day after surgery. Due to minimal swelling, implants settle into tissue quickly, revealing results faster than with a traditional procedure.

Dr. Chopra believes the biggest predictor of a successful breast enhancement surgery is the quality of communication with patients prior to the surgery. He gives you the “Power to Re-Imagine Yourself” with the ENVISION Consultation. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Chopra will discuss long term goals, an artistic treatment strategy alongside risks, benefits, and costs.

If you’re interested in seeing Dr. Karan Chopra as a patient, contact him directly at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Edina, MN at 952-842-1000 or in Burnsville, MN at 952-435-0177. Follow Dr. Chopra on Instagram @karanchopramd


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