Why More Younger People Are Getting Facelifts According To Dr. Omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a double-board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles specializing in cosmetic surgery. He has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures including lipo-suctioning and fat transfer procedure safely to remove cellulite, make the buttocks shapelier, firmer, and rounder by adding volume and curvature lost from weight loss, age, or pregnancy. He has been ranked as the top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills by RateMDs for three consecutive years and was named the best Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty Doctor by Cosmetic Town Journal. He was also featured in the hit E! reality television series Dr. 90210 where he helped a woman get a new outlook on life through her augmentation. Dr. Omidi’s down-to-earth approach to his patients involves taking the time to listen to each patient and work together to identify their exact needs and desires.  Dr. Omidi discusses the upcoming frequency of facelift procedures and the impactful results that will leave you looking radiantly younger.

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When we think about people getting facelifts, we assume they are most likely in their 50's to 70's. Recently, there has been a good number of younger adults in their 30's and 40's resorting to facelifts. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the facelift procedure is the 5th most common procedure in plastic surgery with 123,000 procedures performed in 2019. Approximately 40,000 of those facelifts were performed for patients between the ages of 30 to 54. Facial fillers and skin tightening modalities using radiofrequency, laser, and helium gas such as Renuvion J Plasma, are very helpful in keeping the skin tight and replacing lost volume. However, only the facelift procedure will remove excess skin and tighten deeper tissues definitively in one single procedure. This can be very appealing to patients who want a one-time treatment to see better results. Younger patients also have fewer medical problems, better tissue elasticity, and collagen than older patients. This results in quicker recovery time along with more natural results.

Dr. Michael Omidi is a double-board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills. He specializes in facial plastic surgery, specifically in facelift procedures. Dr. Omidi performs a variation of the facelift procedure not requiring the incision in front of the ear. He combines a brow and temporal lift for the upper face while including a mini facelift for the lower face. For the younger patients who are seeking a less invasive and ideal procedure, the facelift procedure is the way to go. The upper incision lays inside or in front of the hairline by the temples and the lower incision is just under the ear and behind making it less visible.

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Dr. Michael Omidi also offers a whole array of skin-tightening procedures for patients not wishing to undergo the facelift procedure. This includes Facetite, J-Plasma Renuvion, Morpheus, Profound, Erbium Lawer, and Fraxel Carbon Dioxide Laser treatments.

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