Haute Beauty Experts Share A Patient’s Story That Touched Them Most

Patient StoryPhoto Credit: ShutterstockWe caught up with the Haute Beauty Experts where they shared patients' reactions that touched them most. Here's what they had to say:

Enlighten MD | medspa | Dallas

Enlighten MD shares a note from a long-time patient that touched their heart.

"I might get sappy if I start telling you what Enlighten means to me! You’ve been my fountain of youth and lifestyle inspo for almost two decades. And I count all of you as wonderful friends that keep me mentally and physically young in all the best ways. Your vibe is contagious which is why I look to you always. P. S. I’m gonna look so damn cute this weekend!"

It’s moments like this that inspire us to continue on our mission...to be our best!

Aesthetic Treatment Centers | medspa | Naples

A patient was referred to our office. It was going to be her 59th Birthday and she had flown from Louisville, KY to Naples, Florida for her consultation. The patient had concerns regarding mild skin laxity, a slight shifting of fat pads, pigmentation, and fine lines.

We decided to move forward with full face Threading. This minimally invasive procedure takes an hour and is one of those "instant gratification" procedures.

When the patient was given a mirror at the end of the procedure, she burst into tears saying she looked 15 years younger.

Dr. Tahl N. Humes | medspa | Denver

While aesthetic treatments are often associated with vanity and the search for the fountain of youth, our treatments can change the outside while healing the inside.

One patient in her early 20s came to me looking for a solution to her cystic acne and acne scarring. She had a darker skin tone which often doesn’t respond to typical laser treatments which would be ineffective or burn the skin. After an initial consultation, we at VITAHL used a series of peels to treat acne and a non-ablative laser for scarring.

When this young patient came to our office, she presented as a shy woman desperate for help. By the time we had completed treatments, this woman was physically and emotionally a different person. We even got a phone call from her mom in Bali thanking us for giving her daughter back her confidence.

It’s stories like this that make our work in aesthetic medicine so rewarding.

Dr. Mimi Yeung | smile expert | New York

Just the past weekend. A patient called up the office with a request to repair a front tooth that had broken off during eating. Patients will likely need work, but I was to repairs and restore the tooth to form and function by the end of their visit. The patient was super grateful for the work. And will definitely return to continue for future visits.

Dr. YeungPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Mimi Yeung