The R&C Fragrance: A Duo Fragrance By Ciara And Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell WilsonPhoto Credit: ShutterstockPower couple, Ciara and Russell Wilson designed a joint fragrance that combines their love for each other and the classic scents which they hold dear to their hearts.

The R&C Fragrance Duo comes as a set of two separate fragrances, representing Ciara and Russell individually, that are entwined together by magnetic bottles. The connection of the bottles is not only one of a kind, but they also reflect the couple’s long-term relationship and the idea of sticking together.

Created by Russell, the R fragrance is a woody scent with a combination of bergamot, black tea, ambroxan, lavender, pear blossom, waterlily, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. The fragrance invokes an invigorating and “unmistakably sensual” aroma to create a signature scent that “conveys strength and dynamic energy.”


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Ciara’s creation, the C fragrance, is a classic floral scent with a combination of red berries, freesia, pink peppercorn, gardenia, peony, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. Her fragrance is an irresistible signature scent which “evokes a fresh classic, yet modern, femininity.”

Ensuring that their fragrance duo not only represents them as individuals but as a couple as well, they created their aromas with the intention of them being worn alone or layered together. When the fragrances are layered, it creates a fresh and musky signature scent which represents the connection between Ciara and Russell when they are together.

A portion of the proceeds made from the R&C Fragrance Duo’s sales will go towards the Why Not You Foundation, an empowering non-profit organization that is dedicated to education, children’s health, and fighting poverty. The foundation provides support for education and workforce development programs, food security initiatives, and children’s health organizations.

The R&C Fragrance Duo is available for $90 exclusively at