Get To Know Body Expert Dr. David Hartman

Dr. David HartmanPhoto Credit: Photographs by SarahWhat is your greatest achievement?

Our clients are most successful both socially and professionally when their self-confidence is optimized. Our company is a warm and friendly, yet technologically sophisticated Aesthetic Plastic Surgery MedSpa that provides beautiful, natural-looking aesthetic results. Fine Arts Skin & Laser represents the achievement of our entire outstanding team. I am honored to be part of that team.

What is the future of your field?

The future of cosmetic procedures is found in providing beautiful volume-restoration results without resorting to artificial implants and artificial fillers. Savvy cosmetic consumers prefer the beautiful, natural results of volume restoration of the face, breasts, and butt obtained from Living-Fat Transfers. Harvesting the living fat (from areas where the fat is unwanted such as waist and thighs) using the BeautiFill Laser yields the most perfect fat for re-volumizing areas where extra soft, smooth volume is desired such as breasts, butt, and face.

What is the biggest misconception about your field?

Technological advances in Aesthetic Surgery have revolutionized the industry making it more comfortable, safe, and affordable than ever. Recovery times are quicker. Our "Modern Mommy Makeover" clients are surprised that 60% return to their normal routines the very next day, 80% by the second day, and essentially all patients by the third or fourth day after their Modern Mommy Makeovers. Certainly, there will be discomfort, bruising, and swelling that could persist for days or weeks after the procedure, and patients are moving more slowly for a while, but most bounce back quickly.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck (BeautiFill-assisted lipo-abdominoplasty) with subsequent living-fat transfer to the breasts.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. HartmanWhat are your most requested procedures?

Our most requested procedure is the "Modern Mommy Makeover." This procedure simultaneously addresses two common problems at once. The highly customized procedure uses the BeautiFill Liposculpting Laser to optimally harvest unwanted fat from areas where we desire to be more trim - typically from the waist, thighs, and/or bra roll - and artfully sculpts that living fat back in to restore desirable, natural volume enhancement to deflated breasts, butt, and/or face.

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

At Fine Arts Skin & Laser, we do 100% of our cosmetic surgical procedures while our clients are comfortably awake (without general anesthesia, or narcotics). We use a combination of powerful numbing creams, vibration, and cooling devices, ProNox laughing gas, and super-diluted lidocaine tumescent anesthesia to do all our bodywork and aging face surgeries (facelifts, eyelid rejuvenation, etc.). “Comfortably Awake” surgeries allow us to do a better job, more safely, with quicker recovery times, while providing better value for our clients. Since our clients are comfortably awake, many clients even participate in real-time decision-making as the case progresses.

What are you best known for?

The team at Fine Arts Skin & Laser is widely known for kindness, helpfulness, and transparency.

Dr. David HartmanPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. HartmanWhat is your most memorable patient reaction?

Many women's bodies suffer unfortunate changes from child-bearing that leave them with loose/sagging tummy rolls, bra rolls, and deflated breasts - such that they may feel embarrassed or humiliated to be seen in bathing suits, undressed, in tighter jeans/tops, and/or in business/formal wear. After our Modern Mommy Makeover - in which we deliver a customized liposculpting removal of stubborn fat, a tummy tuck (perhaps) and then return that living fat to re-volumize deflated breasts, butt, and/or face, it is not uncommon for a client to joyfully react that “we gave them their life back." What they mean is that they now have renewed confidence to fully participate in life again.

What sets your practice apart?

For more than a decade before medical school, I was an actor in New York and Los Angeles. My other career during those years was designing and building custom "faux-antique" furniture collections for elite actors, producers, writers, and directors in Hollywood and NYC. My current hobby (over the last 20 years) has been fine art restoration: the ~100 paintings found on the walls of Fine Arts Skin & Laser are many of those art restorations. I bring that same "artist's eye" to my aging face restorations and body restorations.

What do you love most about your profession?

What I love most about this profession is the privilege of assisting our clients to attain renewed confidence to enhance their social and professional success.

What is your career-defining procedure?

Our Modern Mommy Makeover is the summation of all that we do best - providing appropriate, natural, beautiful restoration with the greatest safety and value, and the quickest possible recovery.

What new services are you excited to offer?

This year, we have added 10 new services (the latest skin resurfacing devices to a cutting-edge body sculpting technology to “women's health” breakthroughs) and we are excited about all of them. For more information on all that is new and exciting at our practice, visit our website at For a personal (or virtual) consultation to discuss individualized aesthetic procedures such as our Modern Mommy Makeover, call us at (330) 364-5656.