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Aviv ClinicsPhoto Credit: Aviv ClinicsBehold the Science, Benefits and Beauty of Living Better with Longer Lasting Brain Health

The natural healing power of oxygen has been recognized for over a decade among the medical community. Amidst medical technology advancements and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) touted by professional athletes and Hollywood’s A-list, its benefits for brain health are taking a starring role in today’s healthy aging movement.

Recent research shows it’s possible to target and reverse the aging process at the basic cellular level. For the first time in humans, two key biological hallmarks of aging, telomere length shortening and accumulation of senescent cells, can be reversed. This breakthrough provides scientists with a new foundation for investigating ways to slow the aging process.

Aviv Clinics delivers a highly effective personalized treatment to enhance performance in the aging brain and body. Based on over a decade of research and development from a world-renowned HBOT expert, Dr. Shai Efrati, the Aviv Medical Program has treated over 1,000 clients with the vast majority having seen a marked improvement in their performance.

HBOT involves breathing in 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized suite, triggering natural regenerative mechanisms. Oxygen molecules are delivered at a higher concentration around the body and absorbed into tissue and major organs bypassing blood vessels that have narrowed with age. When oxygen is delivered in a specific protocol, it stimulates the release of healing factors allowing the body to restore itself.

Aviv Clinics
Aviv Hyperbaric Suite

Photo Credit: Aviv ClinicsThe Aviv Medical Program combines HBOT sessions, augmented by intellectual and physical training, as well as nutritional and lifestyle coaching to leverage the body’s receptive mode. The combination of oxygen therapy and training activities are individually tailored – inside and outside the Hyperbaric Suite sessions – resulting in clients performing cognitively and physically to their maximum ability.

The Aviv multidisciplinary team includes physicians, neuropsychologists, physiologists, and nutritional specialists who work alongside aging experts and data specialists. In-depth assessments, analytics and a full biology evaluation are used to create a health profile and guide the non-pharmaceutical approach. The outcome is a comprehensive plan targeted for personal improvement goals, designed to make you feel your best, at any age.

“Often people oversimplify the idea of keeping your ‘mind sharp’ – our physical and emotional well-being is driven by brain health – our memory, mobility coordination and personality – it’s all connected and controlled by the brain.”

The customized treatment can improve the quality of life today and maintain it for years to come. As the first facility of its kind in North America, Aviv Clinics located in Central Florida offers medical services that presents the opportunity of expanding healthspan, or the number of years one feels healthy, for individuals to stay active and enjoy the vitality of both their mind and body.

Increasing mental and physical performance in healthy adults aids in alleviating anxiety and complexities of sacrificing independence, quality and enjoyment often associated with living a long life. The program is well suited for active agers seeking to better their cognitive capabilities such as memory, attention, speed of information processing, and physical abilities such as energy, stamina, and sexual performance (in men). Immediate benefits include better sleep, more energy and alertness.

Aviv ClinicsPhoto Credit: Aviv ClinicsThe Aviv Medical Program provides the unique opportunity to invest in your well-being while you age, helping you maximize cognition, exuberance and standard of life. Take control of your health today for an independent, active and enriching tomorrow by visiting

The What + Why of Cognitive Decline?

Age-related mental and physical decline has become a significant concern as the average human lifespan continues to extend. Cognitive impairment typically declines gradually and expresses itself through loss of memory, a shift in personality and mood, and the decrease of processing speed, balance and energy level. A common scenario such as losing keys or forgetting a loved one’s name has the prospect of leaving one without the opportunity to live with dignity in their later years.

Recent research suggests therapeutic indications for HBOT include:

● Cognitive Performance and Aging
● Post Stroke Patients
● Traumatic Brain Injury & Post Concussion
● Chronic Pain Syndrome- Fibromyalgia
● Lyme disease
● Erectile Dysfunction

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