The Workout That Helps Miguel Achieve Inner Peace

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Although Miguel can easily work out in his at-home gym, his go-to fitness routine involves hiking through long trails and completing modified exercise routines. In an interview with Men’s Health, the 34-year-old singer shared the training plan that helps him reconnect with nature and find inner peace.

“It’s a crazy world out there, got a lot of chaos in the mind,” Miguel told Men’s Health. “And, the workout has been [the] number one defense for all that stuff. You know, I got there, that’s my place where I can just let it all go. All my frustration, all that bad shit we all deal with on a day-to-day, so I can do what I’m here to do.”


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For Miguel, this on-the-go workout is about making his mind and body feel good. “I don’t bring much,” he said. “It’s really just about creating a workout on the fly, you know? We get to create.” Though he follows a set routine, the modified exercises — including pull-ups on a tree branch or incline pushups on a table — aren’t rigid: He sometimes wears a weighted vest and sometimes skips out on it.

To mimic Miguel’s outdoor HIIT workout, perform each of the following exercises for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds afterward: pull-ups, lunges, crisscross pull-ups, bicep curls, inverted rows, burpees, goblet squats, hands-elevated pushups, step-ups, feet-elevated pushups, box jumps, and planks. Repeat this set for three rounds.

Once he finishes exercising under the sun, Miguel cools down with some guided meditation. “Meditation has been a daily practice,” he said. “After a workout, you’re real clear. You just ease right into it, and when you’re done, you’re completely able to sort of jiu-jitsu any bullshit throughout the day.”

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