This Eye Cream Used By Tracee Ellis Ross Is “Botox For Your Eyes”

Tracee Ellis RossPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

If there’s one celebrity that continues to age gracefully, it’s Tracee Ellis Ross. After all, the 48-year-old actress savors the time spent on her hair and skin. “I love self-care, and I think beauty care is self-care. And it's one of the ways that I honor myself and put love in action and give it back to myself,” she recently told Marie Claire. So now you’re in luck as we’ve uncovered the extraordinary eye cream Ross uses to maintain her large youthful eyes. 

Since 2019, Ross has relied on the Yon-Ka Phyto-Contour eye treatment to treat puffiness and dark circles. But she’s not alone; several Dermstore shoppers have pegged this skincare product as “Botox for your eyes.” Obviously excluding the needles or pain associated with Botox, this eye cream simply provides “visibly brighter and tighter” skin thanks to a high-quality formula that instantly wakes up eyes. 


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Indeed, reading the reviews of Dermstore shoppers seems enough to sell this eye cream: “I've been using Phyto-Contour for years now, and can't imagine my daily routine without it,” one shopper wrote. “Besides actually keeping the crow's feet at bay, I love the way it feels around my eyes. Bright and refreshing.”

Inducing a tingling sensation when applied, this eye cream essentially helps users wake up in the morning. It also seems like a go-to product for those looking to reduce the prominence of fine lines and heavy bags. “While some of the puffiness is hereditary, this cream definitely reduces the puffiness by 90%,” one reviewer wrote. “And [it] minimizes the character lines, as I like to call it.” 

Given the eye cream’s exciting reviews, we can see why Ross chose this product—she definitely realizes the worth of picking amazing beauty products. “I spend money on my beauty products. I absolutely do,” Ross told Marie Claire in the same interview. “I work hard for my money, and I think that skincare and beauty care is worth buying really good stuff if you can. And there's also stuff that doesn't have to be expensive.”