Haute MD Experts Dish On How To Live A Life Of Wellness

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Haute MD Experts share their top wellness tricks that make a huge difference. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Brianna Varas | Pediatrician | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

A healthy diet makes all the difference! It is very important for kids to have a healthy diet not only for evading illnesses but to reach their maximum growth potential. They should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, aiming for 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day. Organic foods free of pesticides and antibiotics are always preferred, as well as avoiding processed foods and simple sugars. 

If you have a very picky eater, you can supplement with a multivitamin daily. Make sure it is one that includes omega-3 fatty acids as well as a probiotic, if possible. My favorites are SmartyPants and Nordic Naturals. Make sure to always brush children’s teeth immediately after eating any kind of gummy in order to avoid cavities. Taking a probiotic daily has been shown to reduce the incidence of upper respiratory illnesses in school-age children.

Wash your hands! It is extremely important for kids to learn to properly wash their hands. They should be scrubbed thoroughly with soap and water on all surfaces of their hands for about 20 seconds. Antibacterial creams and gels important as well when hand washing is not available. Make sure the antibacterial agent contains at least 60%, preferably 70% alcohol concentration for maximum efficacy.

Dr. Vineet Sandhu | Concierge Medicine | New York

Wellness tricks I use include a healthy diet with lots of plants and lean protein, 30 mins of exercise, daily routines including breathing exercises (wim hoff), and a small prayer to a higher power/source. Since I’m single, completing all my errands including making my bed daily, thinking through my day in my mind before work, keeping in touch with supportive friends, and getting good rest on a good schedule. It helps me!