Peloton Trainer Robin Arzón Shares Her Postpartum Recovery Routine

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Undergoing pregnancy remains one of life’s most beautiful experiences, but we can’t deny the existence of this ambitious and slightly compulsory emotion to bounce back from having a baby. Perhaps you’re a new mother reminiscing of your physical and mental pre-pregnancy state, but how do you get that back? While there’s no right way to postpartum recovery, Peloton trainer Robin Arzón appears to of gotten her restoration routine down pat. 

Since welcoming her first child in March, the 39-year-old fitness star ensured to take her time recovering from pregnancy. After all, she’ll finally make her big return to the virtual Peloton stage during this weekend’s “All for One” Musical Festival event. So whether you’re a mother ready to regain that pre-pregnancy spirit or a curious soul in need of some inspiring content, check out the advice and tips that Arzón shared with Shape!


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Slowing Down Will Speed Your Recovery

Ironically, Arzón’s postpartum recovery and fitness strategy don’t entail ‘bouncing back.’ Instead, she’s honoring her body by listening to it  — pressing the pause button to complement workouts with complete rest, active recovery, massages, and the use of hybridized tools. “I'm taking those moments when my daughter is napping; these moments of self-care are critically important,” she told Shape. “If you think about the confidence that a full rest day requires, that should make an athlete proud…. That includes taking recovery days, no workouts, sometimes it's just sitting on the couch. Being able to sit with yourself is actually a great achievement.” 

To run faster, lift heavier and go harder on the bike, recovery remains crucial. “I started incorporating stretching after my runs (which I really wasn't consistent with before), and doing one full recovery day a week — that made a huge difference,” Arzón said. “I actually got excited for these long runs, and I got excited about the finish line again.”

However, do not skip out on recovery; doing so or following an inadequate program will increase your risk of injury, affect your performance and inhibit your growth as an athlete. Looking beyond performance, recovery routines help preserve your body’s prime shape to live a long and healthy life. “You have to be tuned into not only how you're feeling physically, but also the tax that this can take on your mental health and your approach to movement, which ultimately should be fun,” Arzón said.

Passive vs. Active Recovery

We may think recovery translates to loads of back-to-back cardio, but Arzón’s favorite form of recovery doesn’t involve working out. “I would gladly sit on the couch and watch a Netflix marathon or something on television, and just focus on the mental game,” she said. “I think that when you're able to go inward — especially when slowing down or completely stopping on a rest day — that allows me to check in with how I'm feeling and how deeply I've been breathing.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean active recovery needs to be complicated. In fact, it’s the opposite! “Do what you have access to, and try a bunch of different things, and see what works for you,” Arzón said. “Consistency is really the main thing — be as consistent with your recoveries as you are with your workouts.” If you think active recovery (like stretching or foam rolling) feels boring, try watching a quick TV show or using a similar reward to encourage yourself into recovery. “Using that as a kind of 'carrot' got me to be a little bit more consistent with my stretching and my recovery routine,” she said. 


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Try Her Favorite Recovery Products

Wrapping up pregnancy and adding a recovery routine may leave you with weakened posture and sore muscles, and Arzón understands that. Hence, she relies on a small assortment of products to smoothly execute her recovery phase. For example, her ultimate multitasking trick involves wearing Hyperice NormaTec boots while breastfeeding. “You could be watching TV, listening to a podcast, doing just about anything... sitting on your bed, talking on the phone, catching up with friends, scrolling on Instagram, all while using the compression to eliminate soreness and aid recovery,” she said. 

Every new mom could certainly use a massage (or two or three), so try Arzón’s favorite recovery tool, the Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth Handheld Percussion Massage Gun. “I swear by it, especially on heavy lifting days. You can get into something as specific as an ankle, or your forearm then of course, larger muscles,” she said. “My quads are always torn up, especially from sprinting on the bike and doing heavy squats and heavy deadlifts.”

The cherry on top for recovery: a hot, soothing bath. Welcome aromatherapy by soaking in Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath, which Arzón seems to love. Once you hop out and warm yourself with a toasty towel, try dry brushing with the Metene Shower Dry Brush with Soft and Stiff Bristles. A fan of lymphatic drainage massage, Arzón uses this product to increase circulation and flush out waste products.