Dental Issues? Here’s How Dental Implants Can Fix Them

M.Y. Dental Spa offers caring, compassionate, and comprehensive dental care for patients in the Midtown Manhattan area. The dental team at this general and cosmetic dentistry practice has a strong commitment to ensuring that all patients receive the care they need for a beautiful smile while feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The team at M.Y. Dental Spa offers more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, along with pain-free dental care and a welcoming environment. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Mimi Yeung discusses the purpose, process, and effects of dental implants on oral hygiene and health. 

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Haute Beauty: What are dental implants?

Think of dental implants as simulated titanium root replacements for any of your missing teeth.

HB: What dental issues do implants address?

Your dental implants can replace one or multiple extracted or missing teeth.

HB: What is the step-by-step process like?

To replace any missing teeth, radiographic/CT images of the area are taken to access if the remaining structural integrity of the site is sufficient to support any implants. Then, a plan to place the implant in your mouth is executed, followed by a waiting period for the implant to get acclimated to your jaw. Finally, a crown is placed to fully restore the missing tooth/teeth.

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HB: How long do dental implants usually last?

Theoretically, an optimally placed implant and crown could last a lifetime, assuming that proper at-home hygiene and dental visits are consistently maintained.

HB: Tips to upkeep your dental implants for longer durability?

Unlike your natural teeth, implants will never decay, but daily dental hygiene and recommended dental hygiene visits should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that a dental implant does have a mechanical part, it may be necessary that the screw attached to the restoration (crown and/or abutment) and to the implant will need to be tightened and restored to function.

HB: Why do you think dental implants are commonly sought out by young individuals now?

Any individuals with one missing tooth should consider a single implant and crown. That is the best option as opposed to a removable prosthesis or filing down 2 adjacent teeth (for a fixed bridge) just to replace one missing tooth. There are long-term implications of a removable prosthesis or a bridge. The surrounding teeth could become compromised due to decay and pupal/nerve irritation caused by excessive occlusal forces. Treatments are tailored specifically to each individual, no 2 treatments plan are exactly the same so a consult with your dental professional is the best option for you.

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