HealthGAINS: Engineering Your Longevity Through Medically Regenerative Therapies

How medically supervised regenerative therapies are helping people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Everyone wants to live longer, but as we get older, that idea becomes more salient to the way we interact with the world. And the more we think about it, the more easily we become confused or distracted by the ins and outs of this diet or that exercise. Should I be on the Keto diet or Paleo? Do I run to keep my heart healthy or do I go for vinyasa yoga? How does a normal person, living an already full and complex life figure out the formula for longevity?

HealthGAINS: Meet the Best Possible You

Programmed for Success

Our bodies are programmed to follow a specific and predictable path. We’re born, grow up a little, go through puberty and then if we’re lucky, couple up and have children. By attaining this simplified life, you have accomplished the primary purpose of your biology, which is why when this phase of life is complete our bodies often begin to fall into disrepair and decline over time.

For men, this manifests itself as andropause, a condition that causes a gradual decline in testosterone and other hormones that promote healthy living. Similarly, women experience unwanted changes in their bodies during perimenopause, menopause, and eventually post-menopause, each stage presenting its own unique physical challenges. Regardless of the biological journey, your body undergoes, systemic disrepair as a result of these declining hormone levels is all but inevitable. Or at least it used to be.

Around the same time that science was figuring out the connection between hormone levels and quality of life, the medical field began to use therapies developed for helping children grow to improve the lives of their adult patients. It was this results-based approach that eventually birthed modern hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, effectively restoring the vitality of millions of people around the world. But decades later, people are often still confused about what regenerative medicine can offer.

Aging on a Cellular Level

In junior high, we learned about the human body’s capacity for repair. In the most general terms, the body grows and repairs itself by cell division and replication with most of the body’s cells being replaced at least once every eight years or so. In each successive generation, genetic damage and errors get copied over. In a body that hosts over 35 trillion cells, the effect is that with every generation the rate of aging increases dramatically.

The result is that by the time a person reaches age 60, many of the cells, tissues, and organs within their body are aging at a rate roughly 125 times faster than that of a 12-year-old. Scientific research indicates that all other things being perfect, the human capacity to endure these errors and damage is about 90 years. And for those that live into their 90s, are largely able to do so without chronic disease or pain.

Medicine, on the other hand, tells us that the average lifespan for an adult male is only about 78 years. For those that fall into this category, those later years can be rough, often riddled with age-related maladies like pain and disease.

But if you’re reading this and thinking “I’m so screwed,” it’s not all bad news. We also know that only about 10% of what actually contributes to a person’s longevity is attributable to their genes. The other 90% comes from nutrition, health, and lifestyle; or put another way, all things we can work on.

Another often overlooked revelation is that it doesn’t matter when you make these changes in your life, only that you make them. Unfortunately, this leads us back to navigating the overwhelming amount of data and conflicting opinions on what’s best for your health, but in all of your reading has anyone ever simply asked your body?

Regenerative care is a solutions-based approach to medicine that alleviates age-related issues by addressing their root causes. Using proven medical technology, regenerative clinics like HealthGAINS work to improve a person’s quality of life by examining their health and wellness needs and prescribing a custom formula for that person’s longevity.

Evidence-Based Regenerative Care

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSWhere hormone replacement therapy was once only available to treat a single condition, now there are a variety of therapies and treatments available that optimize your hormone levels and provide benefits that would have been impossible just ten or twenty years ago. Properly managed HRT can affect your body’s chemistry in very specific and safe ways that can optimize your vitality and improve longevity.

In men, hormone replacement therapy can help to:

  • Increase bone density
  • Improve libido and drive
  • Stimulate red blood cell production
  • Encourage muscle growth

For women, HRT has been shown to be a very effective treatment for the relief of a myriad of perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal symptoms including:

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flushes
  • Mood swings
  • Vaginal dryness

In both men and women, the effective management of hormone levels can also offer a whole range of ancillary benefits including more energy, improved sex drive, and improved overall body composition.

This can be a very complex process and requires medical professionals to have years of experience to properly perform the treatment. While you can obtain HRT from a variety of sources, improper management can lead to serious health problems, some of them irreversible. Unfortunately, it’s precise because of these issues that so many clients find HealthGAINS following a poor outcome with an inexperienced provider or fly-by-night hormone clinic.

Because of the dangers involved, HealthGAINS works with its clients to balance and optimize hormone levels. This helps to avoid the nasty side effects and poor reactions that so often occur in an overstimulated system.

You Are Special

One of life’s great mysteries is why, as we get older, we stop believing that each of us has individual needs. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. From the freckles on your face to the cells in your body, what makes you you is distinctly singular. Whether we realize it or not, we often fall prey to a world that tries to convince us that specific challenges have general solutions.

While it’s certainly true that a general practitioner can treat you for vague symptoms, more often than not, we want to see specialists when it comes to specific issues affecting our health.

Unfortunately, in today’s medical system, care is often prescribed based upon where you fall on a chart rather than how you feel in real life. We see it all around us. Body Mass Index, or BMI for example, is meant to be an indicator of your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, but it’s not an accurate measurement of fitness because it ignores factors like fat percentage and distribution and has no way to account for lifestyle, demography or the slight physiological differences between most of the world’s population.

There is no one chart or number that you could be reduced down to and still expect to receive quality care. Aging is, by definition, a chronic condition that affects everyone a little differently. It takes more than one measurement to get a good understanding of what’s affecting a person which is why all HealthGAINS programs start with a comprehensive examination and consultation.

More Than a Quiz

Occasionally, your doctor may request a blood test to get a better understanding of what’s going on inside your body. These tests look at things like testosterone, progesterone, your insulin growth factors, and one or two other biomarkers that can often draw a rough picture of what kind of shenanigans your hormones are up to. In fact, most of the tests your doctor requests from your insurance will only look at five to ten different markers from which to draw conclusions. HealthGAINS believes those tests are only the beginning.

At HealthGAINS, every client begins their journey with an extensive look at their hormones including a test that identifies over 150 biomarkers and examines how their interactions with one another are affecting your health as a whole. This report is only the first part of the diagnostic process. These results are then examined and discussed amongst the medical team, which includes more than just doctors and nurses, it also includes nutritionists, treatment managers, and wellness advisors who are all invested in your success.

What Success Can Look Like

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSIf ten people say they want to lose weight, some might want to lose five pounds while others might want to lose twenty or thirty. It’s important to mention this because what works for your best friend may not be the most effective treatment for you. It’s the biggest reason that so many fad diets and workout plans fail.

Two men with seemingly identical health histories and hormone levels can react completely differently to therapy. Not fully understanding how new medication will affect the rest of your body and not just how it will address your symptoms can be just as disastrous for your health as self-medicating. That’s why HealthGAINS spends so much time and energy creating a wellness plan that is right for you. Customized programs and precision dosing is how they've served tens of thousands of patients for over fifteen years, growing to become one of South Florida’s preeminent leaders in age management.

It’s easy for a clinic to say that they care about your health, but only HealthGAINS prioritizes patient wellbeing by using the most advanced, results-based therapies to help its clients succeed. Just like no two people’s personal goals are the same, no two people share the same health and wellness goals for their lives. HealthGAINS believes in a future where you look and feel your best, not simply gaining back the years, but making them magical and full of vibrance and memories.

If you’ve been wondering if age management therapies are right for you, then you should probably speak to a HealthGAINS medical professional. Not only can they help answer any lingering questions you may have, but they’re also able to help get you started on your journey towards healthful longevity.