Miami Beach Bum Make A Splash With Their Must-Have Products

A tie between marine science and self-care, Miami Beach Bum was born. Founder and marine scientist Ayssa DiPietro Goldwasser struggled with folliculitis on her bum after constantly being in wet bathing suits. Trying to find a natural solution, she turned to her own knowledge in chemistry to create her own products. Their mission is simple: skin health and self-care with the help of science of course. Intentionally made for your skin's natural biology, their collection soothes common skin concerns and fortifies the skin barrier. Haute Beauty sat down with Founder Ayssa DiPietro Goldwasser to discuss what makes Miami Beach Bum products stand out. Read below to see what Goldwasser had to say!

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Miami Beach Bum

Haute Beauty: You’ve created a really special set of products with unique formulas that promote health and balance, what was your inspiration to begin working on Miami Beach Bum and when did you launch your company? Did your love of the ocean and great understanding of marine science influence your decision to create such a unique collection?

Ayssa DiPietro Goldwasser: I launched Miami Beach Bum in June 2019 with the mission of bringing skin health and science to the forefront of body care. My inspiration came from skin irritations I experienced and my background in marine science. For me, the ocean is a part of my daily ritual and self-care means being active and around water. From constantly being in wet bathing suits I developed folliculitis on my bum. Unable to find a natural solution, I used my chemistry background to craft my own. Now with a growing collection of body care, skincare, haircare, and apparel, each product has become an essential part of my ritual and I hope they can become a part of others’ self-care moments too.

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Miami Beach Bum

HB: Your process and the science behind your products are classified as Microbiome Science, what exactly does this entail and what are the benefits of these products for our external and internal health, alike? How is optimal skin pH achieved through the use of Miami Beach Bum products? Are these microbiome products suitable for all skin types, or is it possible that these formulas are not ideal for certain sensitivities?

ADG: The skin’s natural ecosystem consists of a lipid acid mantle, protective skin barrier, and microbiome that is host to microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Each product in our collection keeps your natural biology top of mind as we formulate.

  1. Our formulations are a slightly acidic pH of 5-5.5 that is ideal for the health of your acid mantle and skin barrier (your skin’s outermost protective layer). This acidity helps to create a buffer against the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could damage your skin and lead to skin irritations and conditions.
  2. Our formulations have a base of ingredients like aloe, shea butter, jojoba, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and sunflower oil to restore, repair, and hydrate the skin barrier. This allows your skin to have a healthy healing process and retain moisture (be soft and smooth).
  3. Our formulations feature herbs that have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties to keep the microorganisms in the microbiome balanced, and the skin optimally functioning. Most skin irritations and concerns stem from an overgrowth of bacteria, yeast or fungus, or a damaged skin barrier. Our collection is mindfully crafted to prioritize skin health and solve these issues.

HB: Your products ensure the exclusion of various chemicals, alcohols, preservatives, synthetics, and sulfates; why is this “clean and natural skincare” so essential to you and your company, and would you characterize the exclusion of these abrasive compounds as your brand’s mission?

ADG: Yes, the exclusion of these abrasive chemicals is essential to our brand’s mission because harsh ingredients damage the skin’s barrier and can cause an imbalance in the microflora/fauna that comprises the skin’s natural ecosystem. Often that 9-step routine is doing more harm to your skin health, than good. We create formulas with minimal plant ingredients and encourage minimalist self-care rituals.

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Miami Beach Bum

HB: Which product was the first one that you launched with Miami Beach Bum, and why was it important to first introduce this particular product? Would you describe this product as a skincare essential, and which other products from your now expanded collection do you also deem as necessary skincare starting points?

ADG: Our signature Bum + Body Cream was the first product launched in the collection. It is the inspiration behind our branding and story. Our Bum + Body Cream was crafted with skin health top of mind and is truly daily body care essential for smooth and hydrated skin.

Many of us live with razor burn or folliculitis irritations and use pharmaceutical creams to keep skin concerns at bay. Our signature oregano and aloe cream gives you a natural, effective alternative and allows you to enjoy optimal skin health.

Our face creams: The Facial in a Jar and Ski Bum are also necessary starting points for those who are ditching a multi-step routine for more minimal self-care. I cleanse and double layer these moisturizers for a healthy glow all day.

HB: Which products have you found to be your best sellers and why do you think the demand for these is so high? Are these popular products those that you would have originally predicted to be your top performers?

ADG: Our Bum + Body Cream is the best-seller. It has a proprietary oregano formula that is unlike other body care products in the market. Since our customers experience such great results and resolve from skin irritations and conditions, I believe it will always be our top-performing product.

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Miami Beach Bum

HB: Do you have any exclusive products or any other special new items in the works? What can you share with us about what you are working on and where your company is headed?

ADG: We always have new product development in the works. Our Sunset Harbour boutique just launched a limited edition, exclusive apparel you can only get in-store. Might I say, these matching sets are a must-have lounge essential. Coming into 2022 you can expect Bum + Body minis (by popular demand) and more body care essentials to add to that self-care ritual. Everything comes to our boutique first. If you want a sneak peek, you’ll have to stop by!

Miami Beach BumPhoto Credit: Miami Beach Bum

HB: Your products place a great emphasis on hydration and repair, with a brand name like Miami Beach Bum what was the inspiration to expand into a hydrating ski cream named Ski Bum? Was the process of formulating this product different from the others in your line?

ADG: Our Ski Bum face cream has a pH of 5-5.5, a base of aloe, jojoba, squalane, and hyaluronic acid, and features basil, calendula, and mint. It too focuses on skin health, hydration, and repair like all of our formulas. The most difficult part of formulating this cream was making it fast-absorbing and not greasy/sticky, while still delivering long-lasting hydration and skin barrier fortification.

The Ski Bum name is very personal to my lifestyle, just like [Miami] Beach Bum. If I am not kiteboarding or diving I am usually skiing. I created this facial cream because I couldn’t find anything with the right texture and absorption that prevented and repaired windburn and dehydration from dry/cold climates. I use this cream on ski trips, airplanes, in low humidity climates, and even in Miami when I want to look extra plumped and dewy. I don’t wear makeup or use serums, so double layering my moisturizers is essential for my complexion.

HB: Do you have a favorite product? Why is this one so special to you, what about the ingredients that make it effective, soothing, and unique?

ADG: Definitely, the OG Mint Bum + Body Cream. The oregano and aloe keep my bum and body smooth, hydrated, and folliculitis-free. This product created the brand and I am thankful for the journey this folliculitis-remedy has brought me on.

The one I carry around the most is our Face + Body Spritzer. I use it as my deodorant, hydrating facial mist, and refresher. It is the perfect reset for those in-between times post-beach or workout, or from the office to happy hour.
It too has an aloe base with magnesium, chamomile, and calendula to calm and restore your skin’s complexion. Green tea, pomegranate, and blueberry revitalize, and lemongrass and tea tree to deodorize and refresh your body.