Do Celebrities Still Have A Large Impact On The Injectable Industry?

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Since its inception, social media has played a large role in the minds of teens and users alike. More than ever seen before, celebrities and influencers have shifted the way women of recent generations think of themselves due to the false perceptions of editing apps, overdone injections, and their "perfect," bodies. The issue that lies mainly in that is, what is really perfect? As the answer is in the eyes of the beholder, it is important to discuss if the world of injectables is still heavily influenced by celebrities or has changed? 

To get the inside scoop on the medical aesthetic industry Haute Beauty expert Dr. Alina Sholar talks about the noticeable shift she has seen in patients' requests when receiving injectables. Here is what she had to say:

Dr. Alina Sholar | Medical Aesthetics | Austin

Celebrities are known for looking gorgeous every time they step on the red carpet, but we all know that they don’t age flawlessly on their own. Years ago it was more common to have patients come in with a photo of a celebrity asking to replicate a particular star’s nose, for instance. But, these days, most ask for procedures by describing something that bothers them rather than referencing a celebrity’s look. There’s also a demand for more natural-looking results both in minimally invasive and surgical procedures. I am often asked how they can achieve a fresh-faced look without being “overdone.” I think more than ever they intuitively understand that plastic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic injectables are a tool to enhance your natural beauty; not a way to become someone else. So, most of our patients come in for a touch-up because they want to look like themselves. They want their exterior to mirror how they feel inside. They may have a problem area that needs a bit of tweaking or want to enhance their natural beauty, but for the most part, patients are seeking to look like themselves, only better. I can help patients achieve this goal.

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