How To Rid Pesky Teeth Stains And Discoloration

M.Y. Dental Spa offers caring, compassionate, and comprehensive dental care for patients in the Midtown Manhattan area. The dental team at this general and cosmetic dentistry practice has a strong commitment to ensuring that all patients receive the care they need for a beautiful smile while feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The team at M.Y. Dental Spa offers more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, along with pain-free dental care and a welcoming environment. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Mimi Yeung explains how to treat teeth stains and discoloration. 

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Are you avoiding having to smile as much as possible? Are you ashamed of your teeth? All because you have teeth with stains or unpleasant discoloration on them? Bleaching or teeth whitening services might be the answer for you. Dr. Yeung at M.Y. Dental Spa gives you all the answers to why your teeth look that way, what will help fix it, and how you are going to be smiling big in no time.

How did my teeth become stained or discolored?

Your teeth can become discolored or stained from any of the following:

  • Trauma or injuries to your teeth
  • The use of certain medications, such as antibiotics
  • Coffee, tea, or other beverages with ingredients that stain teeth
  • Natural aging process as the yellowish dentin inside teeth becomes more noticeable
  • Poor oral hygiene can cause tooth enamel to wear away and show the yellowish inner part of your tooth more

Can I use over-the-counter products for bleaching?

You’ll notice that there are many of these products available in stores. While they might seem cheaper and more convenient, they usually don’t do much for whitening teeth. In some cases, these over-the-counter products can also cause other problems, such as irritating your gums. Using professional bleaching is a better option with more desirable results.

Which professional bleaching treatments are available?

Both at-home and in-office treatments are offered to get your teeth looking bright again. The at-home option involves using a wearable tray filled with a bleaching agent, while the in-office procedure consists in covering your gums for protection and using a bleaching solution on your teeth. Dr. Yeung uses a special light to activate the bleaching agent.

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How long does at-home bleaching treatment take?

When you choose at-home bleaching for your teeth, you will be provided with a custom-fitted tray and bleaching agent to use. You’ll wear your tray at night for two or three weeks. Dr. Yeung evaluates your results to determine if you need additional bleaching.

How long does in-office bleaching treatment take?

In-office bleaching treatment only takes about one hour to do. You should begin seeing results right away, although this can vary depending on how severe your stains or discolorations were. Keep in mind that you might need additional in-office bleaching treatments to achieve optimal results.

Can bleaching help all stains and discolorations?

There are limitations to what bleaching can do for teeth. In general, it’s useful for yellowish stains rather than dark brown or grayish stains.

Bleaching usually isn’t as effective at treating teeth that trauma or medication discolored. Dr. Yeung will evaluate your teeth and let you know if bleaching is a suitable option for you.

If you have discolored teeth, don't hesitate to contact M.Y. Dental Spa to set up an appointment with Dr. Yeung.

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