Haute Beauty Experts Talk Why You’d Undergo Blepharoplasty

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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your eyelids? Is your loose or sagging skin creating eye folds? Blepharoplasty, most commonly known as eyelid surgery, effectively addresses the droopy skin on your eyes. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty experts to discuss how the blepharoplasty procedure works and why eyelid folds happen in the first place. Here is what they had to say: 

Dr. Viraj J. Mehta | Eyelid Surgery Expert, Oculoplastic | DMV

Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty can both help restore a youthful and refreshed appearance if the surgery is done appropriately. As we age, the connective tissue in our skin and eyelid tissue loses its resilience and increases in laxity. This results in droopy, loose skin, and bulging fat in the eyelids. The flexible, sagging skin can also fold over natural wrinkles to create unnatural eye folds. For both upper and lower eyelids, Blepharoplasty addresses this issue by removing the excess skin and sculpting the fat.

In the right hands, this can rejuvenate the eyelids and make you feel and look more youthful! Surgeons who have undergone a residency in Ophthalmology (eyes) and accredited fellowship in Oculofacial Plastics are specially trained to carefully analyze your upper and lower eyelids in relation to your eyes, brows, cheeks, and whole face. These nuances are critical to achieving an outstanding outcome, all while protecting your vision and your eyes! As an Oculofacial Plastics & Orbit Surgeon and an expert in eyelids, I see patients of all ages, ranging from 25 to 95, though most patients looking for cosmetic rejuvenation are typically in their 40's to 50's. Both upper and lower eyelids can be addressed in just one surgery, with a relatively quick recovery. These surgeries typically last 10 years as patients continue to age, though any repeat surgery should be easier.

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Dr. Ami Shah Vira | Eyelid Surgery, Oculoplastic | Austin

An eyelid blepharoplasty helps improve the appearance of the eyelids and can improve vision. The goal is to restore the natural appearance by removing the excess skin, fat, and droop that can occur due to aging or genetics. The aim is for a younger, natural look and feel to the surgery. With gravity, the excess skin tends to fold and push on the eyelid, obstructing the vision.

The best surgery is the one you can feel the difference on, but no one can really tell what you had done - in this case, blepharoplasty. The most common age for eyelid surgery is typically after the age of 50, but with the "Zoom Boom" and the increase in masks (i.e., all we see of each other are our eyes!) I have seen a rise in younger patients wanting eyelid surgery. The surgery typically only needs to be done once, as it will last for 10-15 years. That being said, sometimes, if it is done at a younger age, it may need to be repeated as you age. Each surgery is personalized and tailored to what you need.

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