Hollywood’s Favorite Mom Knows Self-Care: Jennifer Garner Reveals 3 Wellness Practices She Lives By

Jennifer GarnerPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Perhaps it’s her warm smile, cheerful aura or seemingly drama-free lifestyle, but Jennifer Garner undoubtedly captures the on-screen role of a mother wonderfully. At this point, it almost feels natural to see the 49-year-old actress cast as the supportive, quirky mom who helps her children figure out their lives while learning a parenting lesson of her own. In fact, her success in these heartwarming roles might be attributed to the three wellness practices she swears by in real life. 


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Staying Persistent With Fitness

Garner’s consistent success appears just as consistent as her exercise regimen. “I never feel or look better than right after a hard workout,” she told Shape. “One way or another, even when my kids were babies, I work out every day. That's more for my brain than my body.” Indeed, the mom of three remains a fan of trainer Beth Nicely's virtual classes called The Limit. “It's been the biggest confidence and endorphin boost. And it gets my cheeks at peak flush,” Garner said.

Adopting A Skincare Routine

She might obtain a natural glow from working out, but Garner also enjoys her rejuvenated complexion thanks to lots of sunscreen and a handful of skincare products. “I've focused on having the best possible skin that I can for my entire adult life. Because if my skin looks good, then I really don't care about makeup or hair,” she said. “I use a wardrobe of sunscreen options — an SPF serum first thing in the morning, an SPF mist later in the day, an SPF spray that I keep in the door of the car, and a stick.”

As a spokesperson for Neutrogena skincare products, Garner credits the brand for her skincare knowledge and regimen, as well as getting access to some of the best dermatologists. She also raved about Neutrogena’s sunscreen options and revealed her skincare regimen includes the brand’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Oil and Rapid Firming Peptide Contour Lift Cream.

Keeping A Support System Close By

On top of posting regular meditation sessions with Chelsea Jackson Roberts on Instagram, Garner also contributed her well-being to going on walks with a girlfriend. “A while back, it was so hard to grab time for myself that I decided to devote one month to scheduling walks with as many girlfriends as I could during any free minutes that I had. I called it the girlfriend project, which helped build it into my schedule. I'd say to each friend, 'What time can you walk on Saturday? I'm coming to you.' It filled me up so much. I need to do it again,” she said. Like the beautiful soul she is, Garner reminded us that sometimes a good conversation with great company is all you need to brighten your day!