How To De-Puff Your Complexion, Courtesy Of Debby Ryan

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Debby Ryan believes five principles accomplish good skin and beauty: “It’s about rituals and not miracles, gratitude and letting go of resentment, drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated, getting a lot of sleep, and finding what works for you.” For the 28-year-old actress, that also means an assortment of moisturizing products and de-puffing tools.

In the latest installment of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets, Ryan shared her daily skincare routine and concert-ready glam—mind you, she’s married to Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, so she amped up her initial natural makeup to fit the vibe of her husband’s show later that night. But interestingly, out of all the steps in her beauty regimen, Ryan’s techniques for reducing inflammation stood out by far.


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For most of her skincare and beauty routine, Ryan used her hands to apply products and pointed out that cold hands come in handy for de-puffing the skin. After applying a few drops of hyaluronic acid, she then whipped out her gua sha massager and SolaWave Wand, which is a tool that uses red-light therapy microcurrents and vibration to stimulate muscles, promote blood circulation and increase energy levels within the cells. While the wand can help reduce skin issues like wrinkles and scarring, Ryan said she uses the device mainly to de-puff. 

“I think the biggest lesson that I’ve learned is the emphasis on skin care... allows it so that before you’ve even put on makeup so much of the work has done for you,” Ryan told Vogue. “Then you can really highlight and emphasize the few things that you think are great and are really outstanding and that you want to play up or allow to shine.”

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