Why YouTuber Tati Westbrook Shut Down Her Beauty Brand After 2 Years

Tati WestbrookPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

After gaining fame on YouTube for her stunning makeup tutorials, content creator Tati Westbrook took her career to the next level in 2019 with the launch of her own beauty brand, Tati Beauty. The brand turned out to be a huge success within the beauty community — her Textured Neutrals Volume 1 Palette sold out in minutes following its release! But the prosperity of Tati Beauty came to a sudden halt on Nov. 4 when Westbrook announced her decision to shut down the business in a YouTube video. 

In a video titled “Why I’m Closing Tati Beauty,” Westbrook vowed not to cry on camera while sharing the “not-so-exciting” news with her fans. “That is goal number one — no tears today,” she said. “This is a moment of strength and gratitude despite some dark days moving forward and just kind of getting on with it.”

Several reasons pushed the entrepreneur toward her decision to shut down, including the coronavirus, which slowed down her business although she didn’t go into further detail. Additionally, Westbrook was burdened by a lawsuit involving her other brand, Halo Beauty, that impacted her personal life and compelled her to sell her house to afford the ongoing legal fees. 

Despite the unfortunate news, Westbrook has maintained a positive outlook and is “choosing to move forward.” On top of expressing gratitude for all the effort she and her collaborators invested in the cosmetic line, she revealed her plan to continue creating beauty content on YouTube. Lastly, she thanked her followers for their overwhelming support and shared her hope for more projects in the future. 

“I’m a bit sad, too, but I’m not giving up on ever having brands again in the future,” she said. “I definitely still want to be creative and create different products. We’ll just have to kind of see what the next steps ahead look like.” 

Watch Tati Westbrook Announce Closing Her Beauty Brand Below: