Get To Know The Dental Spa Smile Experts

Smile architects, Dr. Jeremy D. Kay, DMD and Dr. Nicole Deakins at The Dental Spa, survey each patient’s dental “properties” and design reconstructive blueprints, planning every detail of the treatment based on our artistic vision. This vision is then achieved through support from the highly experienced staff, technicians, and hygienists—ensuring every patient leaves with a smile more radiant than before. Leading with our passion for aesthetics and demanding the best at every turn for our patients, our innovative methods have transformed what is possible in aesthetics and successfully ushered dentistry into the luxury market.

Learn more about The Dental Spa smile experts in this introductory Q & A.

Photo Credit: Phil Kramer

Our greatest achievement:

Our greatest achievement would be the establishment of our team and our collective effort to serve our patients effectively.

What is the future of your field?

The future is derived in customer service. People want to be empowered at their dentist and feel like they are being taken care of not just medically but also on a human level. Of course, techniques and technologies will evolve and dentistry is becoming more and more natural rather than "showy" but in the end, it is about people providing a service to other people.

The biggest misconception about the field is...

Probably that cosmetic dentistry results in big, bulky teeth. When you use the right ceramists and have the right vision we can achieve wonderfully natural results.

Our most requested procedures:

Veneers and crowns that need to be redone or someone wanting a whiter smile.

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

Laboratory materials and workflows. We are getting more and more to the cutting edge of making fake things look organic and real. We are lucky to have found and work with amazing and talented ceramists.

What are you best known for?

Having fun while doing dentistry and providing a high quality of care to our patient family.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

Tears of joy! Recently we had a young college-aged woman break her teeth in an accident. When we put in crowns, she broke down in excitement. That day, we definitely shed some tears in the restoration of this young womans' confidence that will now follow her into a promising future.

What sets our practice apart?

Our compassion for our patients and our passion for our profession is second to none.

What is loved most about our profession:

Every patient is different and unique. No two teeth or smiles are ever the same. That said, the ability to create and design is truly exciting!

Career-defining procedure?

Full arch redesign and reconstruction in 3 hours resulting in a new smile.

What are you excited the most excited about?

We recently opened a 2nd location in Bryn Mawr!

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