Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy During the Holidays

Dr. Jupneesh Singh received his undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. His fascination with dentistry started in the seventh grade when he decided at the age of 12 that he wanted to be a dentist. Dr. Singh has grown his practice and expanded beyond general dentistry, and received great training in prosthodontics and management of complex cases. Dr. Singh's focus in the practice is in "Smile Makeover" cases. Haute Beauty expert and recognized dentist Dr. Jupneesh Singh provides Haute Beauty with tips to keep your smile healthy during the holidays. 

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This is the best time of the year and everyone is in a great mood. But among all the fun and frolic, oral health is often forgotten and may even be compromised. Keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful during the holidays can be a bit of an effort, but it is definitely worth every bit! It’s a busy time full of sweets and more sweets, but a little foresight can help you keep your teeth in good shape throughout the holidays.

Here are a few simple tips I give to my patients to keep teeth healthy and beautiful during the holiday season:

1. Stick to proper meals

During the holiday, it can be easy to go overboard with snacking. Most snacks contain lots of sugar. Munching on sugar all-day long puts your teeth at greater risk of decay. Try to discipline yourself to eat only during mealtimes. Instead of the tempting pies, focus more on meeting people and conversations.

2. Cheese is a great alternative to sugar

Cheese is a great snack option that goes well with both soft drinks and hard drinks. It also helps in neutralizing the acid from the drinks and the calcium strengthens teeth. If you are planning to host a party, switch to cheese instead of sugary snacks. Another great alternative is meat plates which help both the teeth and your body.

3. Vegetable and fruits are always a healthy option

Christmas cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, soft drinks, and other sugary treats are impossible to avoid during the festive season. While we will never ask you to skip the treats, I advise my patients to eat one dessert and brush afterward. Apart from the one dessert, you should try to stick to healthier alternatives such as broccoli and carrots. These are loaded with Vitamin A and carrots also act as a floss for your teeth.

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4. Red wine or white teeth?

If your Christmas dinners are incomplete without a glass of wine, try switching out the red wine with a white one. Your pearly whites will definitely thank you for that! Red wine can stain teeth. If you are getting a whitening procedure before the holidays begin, consuming a lot of red wine can reduce the effects of the whitening treatment. If you do have to consume red wine, drink it with food so it does not stay on the teeth for long.

5. Stick to your oral care routine

Your daily schedule can go off-track during the holidays. But remember that it is still important to brush your teeth twice every day and floss at least once. If you are eating snacks between meals, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly.

6. Schedule a visit with your dentist

Lastly, don’t forget the most important thing that is to visit the dentist. Getting a cleaning after all the holiday sweets and snacks will keep the harmful bacteria away and prevent plaque buildup.

I hope everyone can follow these simple tips and take care of their teeth during the festive season. Happy holidays!