How To Achieve A Pearly White Smile In One Hour

Dr. Steven Davidowitz, also known as "Dr. D" by his patients, is one of the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s leading celebrity cosmetic dentists that specialize in designing and maintaining beautiful smiles. Dr. D is among the world’s most prominent cosmetic dentists. Dr. Steven Davidowitz practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for smile makeovers through clear aligners and porcelain veneer treatments. Dr. Davidowitz was recently named a member of the RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board for cosmetic dentistry content on their website and platform at RealSelf Medical Review Advisory Board. He was also recognized as an Invisalign Elite Provider in 2012 which signified his extraordinary amount of education and experience in using Invisalign. This distinction also placed him in the top 3% of Invisalign providers in the United States. 

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These days, who doesn’t want a pearly white smile? To reach your ideal smile, there are many methods that can be used either at home or in-office. The majority of the time, most will rush to the at-home treatments due to the convenience and cost factors that outweigh going to your dentist. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Steven Davidowitz discusses if zoom teeth whitening is really better than your average, at-home whitening strips. Read more to find out.

What is zoom whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening provides gorgeous-looking white teeth that can not just boost one's self-confidence but ultimately make life that much more enjoyable. Zoom is capable of whitening teeth upwards of eight shades in just a 60-minute session.

Cosmetic dentists far and wide use the Zoom Whitespeed teeth whitening system as it consistently produces results that look amazing.

Zoom teeth whitening is the application of a specialized Zoom whitening gel to the teeth. The gel is activated through a powerful LED Zoom light source pointed at the teeth.  The zoom teeth whitening process requires three-four 15 min applications that take in total an hour of your time.

Are whitening strips more effective than zoom whitening?

Zoom in-office teeth whitening is a safe and rapid teeth whitening system (before and after photos), especially when compared to those at-home whitening products that require patients to apply gels or whitening strips for several weeks. Sadly, many such at-home teeth whitening systems do not even work or only slightly whiten the teeth. Furthermore, there is no dentist oversight with DIY at-home teeth whitening. This can lead to poor results, unnecessary sensitivity, and harm to the teeth and gums.

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Does zoom whitening have the same concerns as whitening strips?

I have my patients follow a desensitizing protocol prior to their whitening treatment. This dramatically reduces their sensitivity.  In addition, by having Zoom whitening done professionally the dentist will protect your sensitive gums and root surfaces with specialized barriers to reduce discomfort and sensitivity.

If Dr. Davidowitz had to recommend one, which would he choose?

Dr. D hands down recommends in-office professional Zoom whitening over any at-home whitening strips for best results, safety, and reduced discomfort.