Meet Chloe Pearl: The Self-Love Influencer Launching a Lingerie Brand Promoting Femininity

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice for Haute Living

You might admire Chloe Pearl for her vintage fits, self-love mantra and exuberant personality that lights up your screen as you scroll through TikTok and Instagram. Her following of more than 55,000 and counting has made her a sensation among young women as she continues to promote her motto to “be the love of your life” through her clothing brand, Chloe Pearl. Before she started her business, Pearl created her customer base by selling vintage finds. She will soon lead the Chloe Pearl brand into lingerie, set to launch in February 2022.

Here, she talks about her fashion inspirations, the launch of Chloe Pearl Lingerie and why she strives to provide her followers with a platform that promotes expressing their true selves.

Haute Beauty: What was your first taste of fashion?

Chloe Pearl: Fashion has surrounded me since I stepped into this world. My grandmother and great-grandmother founded Caché Clothing, and my father started the Animal Farm and Pervert clothing line, a streetwear brand in the early ’90s. I’ve always seen my great-grandmother, Marilyn Rubinson, wearing these amazing outfits with a crazy sense of style. What struck me was how we’d go out and she’d be this whole other person from her usual day-to-day at-home person. From there, I grasped the idea of how fashion transforms you. You can be someone one day, and the next day completely different. Growing up, that surrounded me, and that’s where my interest in fashion was sparked.

HB: Give your audience a sneak peek into the life of an industry influencer. What does a typical week look like for you?

CP: My mornings are filled with content and creating. I’ll post my stories, get dressed with a fit and, of course, take a few photos. If I’m not leaving the house that day, I’ll jump right into meetings with brands and my Chloe Pearl team. Most weeks I have two events that I attend, so those days I shoot my content there.

HB: What drew you to start your clothing brand?

CP: As I mentioned, my family has always been in the fashion industry. Clothing is my number one way of expressing myself. One day I can dress in all black and be super edgy, and the next day I can be in all pink and be a whole different person and image. I wanted to create a clothing line that promotes self-love, where people feel they can express themselves in their chosen ways. That’s what fashion stands for.

I wanted to create a line that is different than anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m very inspired by ’90s pieces as my grandma’s closet was filled with all things John Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, all top brands from the ’90s – that’s a rarity these days.

Photo Credit: Ariel Swedro

HB: Who’s your biggest self-love icon?

CP: Bella Hadid. She feels full of self-love, always. The Internet is a tricky thing; there are so many people on it. It comes down to how you choose to use your platform. Hadid feels so full of good vibes, always giving off a positive aura, the energy we don’t often see on social media.

HB: What are you looking forward to?

CP:  I’m turning to my true passion that lies in lingerie. At first I was hesitant as a 17-year-old in the lingerie space, but as someone who has already done things a teen would usually not participate in, I’ve done it. I took the risk and dived right into the lingerie world with the hopes of being a voice for girls my age.

HB: As you mentioned, your style is filled with vintage finds. What’s your secret?

CP: That is a question I often receive, especially since I am always wearing pieces from the ’90s. Props to my grandma, once again, for being the gateway to the most incredible, unique vintage pieces. Primarily black, her favorite color, and very iconic.

If I’m not repping something from her closet, I usually wear ’90s-inspired brands, support small businesses like mine and shop at stores in Miami like House of Findings and Fly Boutique. I am moving to New York, so I am super excited to explore.

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice for Haute Living

HB: I’m excited to see all the vintage pieces you find! You have a huge presence on TikTok and Instagram. What do you hope your followers will take away from your content?

CP: That is something that I feel so strongly about. From age 7 I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I never had an interest in the activities people my age were participating in. This was difficult, because the environment I was growing up in wasn’t very accepting of people who wanted to dress or act differently. There was a lot of pressure to conform. That’s why it’s so important to me that I provide support for people that are in similar situations, to be themselves no matter what.

The most vital thing for me is that I always want to provide people with a platform that expresses your authentic self. No matter who you want to be, how you want to dress, there’s only one life to live, and that’s yours, so live it freely and authentically.

Through Chloe Pearl Lingerie, I want to provide people with designs that promote femininity, self-love all those things that make you comfortable in your body.

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice for Haute Living

HB: The harshness of social media is not easy to overcome. It’s obvious you have kept your head high and pushed through it. It’s very inspiring. Is there anything else you’d like to highlight about the brand?

CP: I want to talk about the organization we’re going to be working with. My name is Chloe Pearl — my middle name passed down from my great-great grandmother. The pearl symbolizes self-love; all pearls are unique, which is a huge symbol for the brand, as it is started with the foundation of loving yourself. “Be the love of your life” is our motto because if you want love to gravitate toward you, you have to be the love of your life. There is an organization called Pearl Girlz, and I just love the name, obviously, since it aligns with our brand and our message.

Pearl Girls creates a safe space for girls who are being bullied and teaches them how to deal with the negativity, rise above it and love themselves. We are so excited to be donating some of our proceeds to the organization. I will also participate in a speaking seminar to share my experience with negativity and how I spend every day rising above it.

HB: More about the collection…

CP: I noticed a gap in the market. I couldn’t find a brand that represents inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and femininity — all aspects important to me. I wanted to create the brand I’d want to support. So that’s what I am working toward with Chloe Pearl Lingerie: very inclusive, full of love, ’90s styles. We are set to launch in February as a gift to yourself for Valentine’s Day.

Women believe that you wear lingerie for others when you should wear it first for yourself.  This message translates down to the designs, prints and comfortability of my line. Whether you want to go to a special occasion or wear it around, this line will have the item for you. Designed by a team full of women, ethically made.

HB: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your followers moving forward?

CP: I would say not to let anyone stop you from who you want to be. You can do it. And always rise above negativity!

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice for Haute Living

Photo Credit: Ariel Swedroe

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice for Haute Living