The Top 7 Skin Concerns That Bring Men To The Dermatologist

Mara C. Weinstein Velez, M.D., FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist, and Director of Cosmetics and Laser Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Upstate New York. She completed a prestigious Laser, Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery fellowship at SkinCare Physicians in Boston, with clinical faculty from the Harvard and Yale Departments of Dermatology and is one of the only Fellowship-trained Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons in Western NY. Haute Beauty sits down with Dr. Mara Weinstein Velez to discuss men in skincare. 

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Skincare is an essential point of interest for both men and women alike. Although many believe that skincare is marketed directly to women, that is not the case. The reality is that men tend to underestimate the importance of taking proper care of their skin. However, now more than ever, dermatologists are seeing an influx of men at their practice. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Weinstein discusses how men are starting to take the plunge and find a greater appreciation toward skincare, especially when they see results.

What is the main skin concern for males?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Invasive melanoma is projected to be the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer for both men (62,260 cases) and women (43,850 cases) in 2021.” Men are clearly heavily impacted by skin cancer, some possible reasons being that men:

  1. Are less likely to wear sunscreen.
  2. Don’t want to be seen as vain amongst their peers.
  3. Can be more needle-phobic.
  4. Are more often exposed to the sun. In our active male population, Dr. Weinstein sees a ton of skin cancer. Whether it’s because men are wearing hats that don’t protect their ears or they aren’t wearing a shirt on the beach.

More specifically, dermatologists see an increase in skin cancer in veterans who served. This is a common occurrence in veterans as they did not regularly apply sunscreen and wear proper sun-protective clothing. Later on in life, the cumulative amount of sun exposure increases their risk of developing skin-related issues, especially skin cancer.

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Besides skin cancer, what are the other skin concerns that encourage men to go to the dermatologist?

  1. Dry Skin is a prominent concern as we grow older mainly because of our transepidermal water loss (TEWL). With aging, our TEWL begins to intensify causing water (keeps our skin hydrated) to leave the deep layers of our skin, which results in dryness.
  2. Brown Spots, uneven pigmentation, and breakouts can be extremely bothersome to men. As many men do not have a regimented skincare routine, they tend to use whatever is sitting on their partner's shelves, which can enhance skin problems.
  3. The most common cosmetic concern that Dr. Weinstein sees in her male patients is dark circles under their eyes. Oftentimes, they are busy working dads who can’t seem to get enough rest. Depending on the root cause, Dr. Weinstein can address the dark circles with fillers, lasers, or chemical peels.
  4. Rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that leads to redness on the nose, cheeks and chin with certain triggers, can be a huge concern for men. To reduce the redness, Dr. Weinstein will introduce them to lasers, especially if they have failed medical (topical) therapy. Lasers are the gold standard for improving the redness and superficial dilated blood vessels seen in rosacea. Dr. Weinstein likes to use the Pulsed Dye Laser, IPL or Long-Pulsed Nd:YAG to address some of these concerns.
  5. Seeing the glowing results of a skincare routine on their partner can draw men toward taking care of their skin.
  6. Etched forehead lines and frown lines. Oftentimes, men are bothered by these deep wrinkles. Prominent frown lines can make them look angry or upset - a few small injections with neuromodulators can help to correct this issue.

What are the most common dermatology procedures performed on men?

Board-certified Dermatologists and Dermatologic Surgeons perform many aesthetic procedures ranging from injectables to lasers. And often when we perform these treatments, we are able to pick up on other skin conditions and/or lesions that may need a biopsy or further investigation.

Men most often need biopsies for suspicious growths, especially on the back, where they may not have noticed that a spot had been growing. When you look at the global trends, men are having more procedures when it comes to skin cancer removal, excisions, and biopsies.

Should men be coming in for yearly skin checks as often as women?

Absolutely, skin checks should be on their list for routine cancer screening. Just like yearly mammograms, prostate checks, and colonoscopies, skin checks are necessary. If they see something sooner, or if a friend/partner notices something on the skin, men should most definitely come in for a skin check.

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