Plastic Surgeon Educates Colleagues On Injecting QWO At Train The Trainer Symposium

Dr. Sachin M. Shridharani is a Harvard-educated, Johns Hopkins trained, a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon based on Manhattan’s famed Fifth Avenue and the founder of LUXURGERY - The confluence of luxury and aesthetic surgery. Furthermore, he is an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Washington University – St. Louis School of Medicine. His commitment to excellence has earned him several global accolades. Dr. S has authored over 200 publications and abstracts and is recognized as an international authority on aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Shridharani serves as an international Global Thought Leader and has lectured on nearly every continent. He serves as a Principal Investigator for clinical trials. Dr. Shridharani is frequently featured in national media outlets including The New York Times, New York Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, NBC, FOX, and ABC. Dr. S serves as the cosmetic surgery expert and Brand Ambassador for Haute Living Magazine.

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When Dr. Sachin Shridharani is not in the office, he spends his time educating. Just recently, Dr. Shirdharani took his talents to Dallas, Texas to lead a symposium filled with colleagues from around the country. In this intense day of teaching called, "train the trainer," he focused on teaching attendees how to inject QWO. The goal of the session was for attendees to share the knowledge learned with peers and so forth. To get the inside scoop, Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty expert Dr. Shridharani to discuss his motive behind the session, the information shared, and what the audience asked.

What is QWO?

To begin, it's important that you understand what QWO is and who it's for. QWO is the world’s first and only FDA-approved injectable for the treatment of cellulite. Cellulite is a complex multi-factorial condition hallmarked by fat trapped in the dermal layer of your skin leading to dimpling, waviness, “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearing skin texture and/or overall less smooth contour irregularity. QWO works by enzymatically disrupting the fibrous septae responsible for creating cellulite resulting in a smoother appearance of the treated skin.

What were the reasons you chose to highlight QWO in your train the trainer lecture?

I love educating and being educated...plain and simple. It is a privilege to help colleagues optimize outcomes and overcome challenges to help their patients. I learn as much if not more when I am in these forums because to teach something, you really must master the information and technique yourself. Train the trainer symposiums bring the best together since this group is responsible for teaching the rest of the country how to safely perform a procedure. Having performed several clinical trials with QWO and then treated countless dimples in my clinical practice, it was fitting that I assisted with this meeting.

Please list the best practices for QWO that you shared in the session.

  1. Stay therapeutic with the dose and injection technique. Don't try to be smarter than the numerous studies and anatomy. (Wink face)
  2. Warn patients about the bruising. It is real and it is impressive. Do not have this done one week before a beach holiday.
  3. The bruising can be lasting and take months to subside.
  4. You will need more than 1 treatment session to improve the appearance of the cellulite. If you plan on only having 1 treatment session, do not do it.

What were the most common questions asked about QWO by your colleagues?

  • Can QWO be injected in areas other than the buttocks?
  • Does a patient's qualification to be treated with QWO depend on the laxity of their skin?
  • What is the medication used in QWO?
  • What is the mechanism of action?
  • Why do patients bruise as much as they do?

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