We Finally Know Why Professional Teeth Cleanings Are Essential

M.Y. Dental Spa offers caring, compassionate, and comprehensive dental care for patients in the Midtown Manhattan area. The dental team at this general and cosmetic dentistry practice has a strong commitment to ensuring that all patients receive the care they need for a beautiful smile while feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The team at M.Y. Dental Spa offers more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, along with pain-free dental care and a welcoming environment. 

Over your lifetime you get two sets of teeth: primary and permanent. When your primary teeth, also known as ‘baby’ teeth fall out, your dental hygiene becomes a bit more serious. For the rest of your life, you will have that one set of teeth. In thanks to the dentist and the proper care they provide, one is able to preserve their pearly white smiles forever. Haute Beauty sat down with Haute Beauty expert Dr. Mimi Yeung of M.Y. Dental Spa to discuss the prime way to keep your teeth and gums healthy, professional teeth cleaning.

How often do I need preventative care?

You should see your general dentist for a routine cleaning and exam at least twice a year. If you are experiencing dental problems that require treatment or careful management you might have to come in more often than not. Dr. Yeung will let you know how regularly you should schedule your exams and cleanings.

Why are professional teeth cleanings essential?

Professional teeth cleaning is a preventative oral health service that supports your daily-at-home oral hygiene routine. Although regular tooth brushing and flossing do a great job at removing food debris and bacteria it does not get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth. The leftover bacteria in your mouth creates a biofilm known as plaque. During your routine cleaning and exam, Dr. Yeung will be able to remove the plaque and tartar that collects on your teeth, tongue and your gums.

Why is your daily hygiene routine not sufficient enough?

As often as we brush and floss our teeth it is still not sufficient enough to keep your gums in pristine condition. In fact, brushing and flossing may not be able to get rid of the plaque that settles under the gumline. When it is not removed, this plaque hardens into a substance called tartar.

Tartar traps the bacteria on your teeth and under your gums, which can lead to tooth decay, gum disease or tooth loss if left untreated. Unlike plaque, brushing and flossing can’t remove any of the hard, calcified tartar.

When should I schedule teeth cleaning?

Dr. Yeung determines when you should schedule teeth cleanings. However, if it’s been more than 6 months since your last visit, it’s time to schedule a teeth cleaning.

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