With These Tips Age Has No Bearing On Restoring A Youthful Smile

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As we get older, we begin to worry more especially in the realm of health. Focusing on dental hygiene, one would tend to think that with age our teeth' health would be something that progressively worsens. False, aging teeth can, in fact, be healthy teeth if they were taken care of properly. If you are feeling that your teeth are not meeting your standards, here are Haute Beauty experts recommendations to restore your once youthful smile:

Dr. Ashandra Batiste | Smile | Houston

Having the blessing of seeing more days comes with its greatest gifts and its lowest lows - gravity doesn't play fair to many of our body parts! With every day we can be thankful for the life that we have been given, but we also tend to notice how the gift of maturity plays a role in everything, including our smiles. We have many choices, and depending on how far you want to go back, cosmetic dentistry can jump in to save you from Father Time.

Teeth whitening can give you a small change that you may be seeking. However, as we age, teeth whitening may not give you the "WOW!" factor that you seek. Orthodontic treatment (aka Braces) are not just for the young people in our lives! As we age, our teeth can and will shift - caused by natural chewing forces.  So, why not be a hip, cute, stylish mature person in braces? You won't regret a younger, straighter smile!

The biggest move and the most aggressive change you can see you revitalize your youth is VENEERS!! What an amazing and drastic change! Not only to your smile, but to your swag!

Throw in a little botox and fillers for the cherry on top - PRESTO! A fresh, young, and beautiful smile will have everyone around you asking "What did you get done?! And give me who did it!!

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Dr. Lindsey Marshall | Smile | Philadelphia

There are so many things that begin to change as our smiles age. Color, alignment, chipping and wear, loss of teeth and collapse of bite and this all contributes to the appearance of an aged smile. We can offer so many treatments ranging in cost and complexity. When we are just correcting color and/or alignment we can do more conservative treatments like professional in-office whitening and Invisalign to orthodontically correct the teeth. When we are replacing lost tooth structure from wear and chipping and maybe also alignment and color then we will be recommending porcelain restorations like veneers and crowns.

Veneers and crowns allow us to reshape the teeth so we can make them appear aligned, lengthen and shape the teeth for a better aesthetic and of course have a permanent change to the color. When more tooth structure has been lost or teeth are missing and there is a collapse of the bite then a full mouth reconstruction would be the treatment of choice. This is where we place porcelain restorations on all of the teeth and we not only can change color, shape and alignment of the teeth but we can also restore the bite and this can give even a facial change. While we have so many amazing treatments available to fix what happens to teeth over time, taking care of your teeth to prevent excessive wear and tear and loss of teeth of course is always the best way to have your teeth for life!

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