The Do’s And Don’t’s Post LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Ella Faktorovich is among the leading ophthalmologists practicing in San Francisco. As an innovator in the development of advanced vision correction treatments, she has achieved worldwide acclaim for her contributions in the field of refractive surgery. Dr. Faktorovich founded Pacific Vision Institute more than twenty years ago. Under her leadership, Pacific Vision Institute is the first in the Bay Area to bring the industry's newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for LASIK and Cataract Surgery patients. Dr. Faktorovich is the founder and remains the Chair of the Annual San Francisco Cataract, Cornea, and Refractive Surgery Symposium dedicated to the continuing education of the Bay Area eye doctors in refractive surgery and other aspects of advanced patient eye care. She is a recognized leader in this groundbreaking vision correction technique, with her definitive textbook used in educating eye surgeons around the world. 

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Have you met your threshold of dealing with the symptoms of vision problems, more specifically, refractive errors? Nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatisms are pretty common and are fixable thanks to LASIK procedures. 

LASIK has been around for quite some time, allowing for improvements in technology. At Pacific Vision Institute, the most advanced all-laser LASIK is an extremely popular procedure. In fact, over a million all-laser LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide. Compared to the traditional LASIK, the all-laser LASIK causes less trauma to the eye resulting in reduced inflammation and faster healing time. 

Fast forward. You've made the decision and undergone LASIK. Now what? After LASIK eye surgery, it is important to take proper care of your eyes to help ensure they heal well. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Ella Faktorovich reviews the few do's and don't's after laser eye surgery that you'll want to follow during your recovery period.

The Do’s

  • Do use medications as prescribed by your eye doctor
  • Do use artificial tears frequently even if your eyes don’t feel dry. We recommend preservative-free drops every hour during the initial healing time.
  • Do take time to rest your eyes. We recommend patients close their eyes for ten seconds every hour.
  • Do use UV-A and UV-B protective sunglasses
  • Do go to all follow-up appointments

The Don’t’s

  • Don’t use any electronic devices for 24 hours after LASIK
  • Don’t try to read a book or other printed materials for 24 hours after LASIK
  • Don’t get water or sweat in your eyes for the first week after the procedure
  • Don’t wear eye makeup for the first week after the procedure
  • Don’t rub your eyes for the first month after the procedure
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your new eyesight!

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