Hair Sun Damage: The Power Of The Sun Is Like Putting A Flatiron To Your Hair

Photo Credit: ShutterstockDid you know that putting a flatiron to your hair is like exposing your hair to the sun, just a bit less intense? In the heat of the harsh summer sun, allowing your hair to roast under the UV rays can leave your hair feeling dry along with other consequences. To protect your healthy luscious hair, Haute Beauty experts dived into their product recommendations and how the sun can affect your hair's growth. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Shamila Rawal | Hair Restoration | Wisconsin

The sun’s UV rays can affect both the structure and color of your hair. UVB rays lead to degradation of the proteins in the cuticle, or armor-like outer covering, of the hair shaft, resulting in dryness, brittleness, and breakage. Most frequently, it is the keratin protein that is degraded, which is why products and treatments focused on repairing keratin can be helpful. UVA rays cause degradation of hair pigment, which may result in color fading and premature graying.

Higher natural melanin content in darker hair can be somewhat protective against UV damage (similar to darker skin types having less tendency to sunburn), but it is still important to use products that can help shield the hair from UV radiation. At my practice, we have partnered with Antidote1848 to provide our patients with the amazing Goldenseal Hair Protector, containing goldenseal and shea butter, for its UV-blocking, heat-protective, color-maintaining, and conditioning properties. Adding a hat in direct sunlight is also highly recommended.

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Dr. Melissa Toyos | New York | Hair Restoration

When it comes to your hair, heat is not your friend. Whether it comes from a flatiron or the beach, heat and UV radiation are known to directly damage the fiber of the hair. Your hair won't get a sunburn, but it will lose its glossy texture and become dry, brittle, and rough. Everyone knows that the sun can create highlights but the same bleaching can fade your natural color or prematurely fade your expensive salon hair color.

When I do SmartGraft hair and brow transplants, I have my patients avoid direct exposure to the sun for two months to prevent it from damaging the new hair grafts. At a minimum, for your hair grab your favorite hat or slather on a sun protectant before heading out into the summer fun, or for brows, use your non-chemical sunblock on your brows as well as your face to protect them.

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