Five Model-Backed Beauty Brands You Should Know About

To say that a model knows a thing or two about beauty is an understatement. We’re not just talking about the fact that their lean yet statuesque builds and virtually symmetrical facial features are the result of winning the genetic lottery—they spend a lot of time getting primped and primed for runways and photo shoots as well. Here, a handful of catwalk icons who have created their own beauty lines, so you can get runway-ready as well.

The model: Miranda Kerr
The brand: KORA Organics
When she’s not strutting her stuff down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk (amongst others), Miranda Kerr is all about health and wellness courtesy of natural and organic living—and it shows. Founded in Australia in 2009, this high-end brand has grown to include head-to-toe skincare, aromatherapy, supplements and more, and every product is “energized” with rose quartz crystal to deliver love and acceptance through every pore.


The model: Cindy Crawford
The brand: Meaningful Beauty
If you’ve ever wondered how Cindy Crawford seems immune to aging, perhaps her own line of skincare gets the credit. Created with famed plastic surgeon, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, the line features 10 anti-aging products for the face, eyes, neck and chest—and a potent antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD) is the star ingredient. And you can also get a sneak peek at Cindy’s personal skincare routine here.


The model: Josie Maran
The brand: Josie Maran
Model-turned-actress-turned-entrepreneur Josie Maran is a major player in the beauty game, and her argan oil-based skin-, hair-, body-care and makeup line is one of the biggest sellers at Sephora as well as QVC. Inspired by a lack of luxurious yet “clean” products during her catwalk days, she set out to create her own and hasn’t looked back since.


The model: Elle MacPherson
The brand: WelleCo
With a nickname like “The Body,” we’d take any physique advice Elle MacPherson doles out—and in the case of WelleCo (and buzzed-about Super Elixir), we’ll have what she’s having. This range of organic, plant-based supplement powders includes an alkaline super-green blend, energizing protein, a sleep-promoting powder and even a version for kids—and with just two teaspoons a day you can be on your way to a supermodel body.


The model: Lindsay Ellingson
The brand: Wander Beauty
In addition to her duties as a Victoria's Secret Angel, California-born Lindsay Ellingson is co-founder of Wander Beauty—and these multitasking, travel-friendly products make it easy to achieve a “model off-duty” look. Designed to streamline your makeup routine without the use of synthetic ingredients, gluten or animal testing, the innovative combination products (i.e. blush/illuminator, concealer/highlighter and lipstick/liner) are game-changers.