Dr. Jaime Schwartz: Why Amber Rose Should Consider a LipoLift TM Over a Traditional Breast Reduction

amber rose

On Monday, July 31st, Amber Rose, 33, announced on social media that she was considering getting a breast reduction. “My boobs are stupid heavy,” she said and rattled off a list of aches and pains that all women with larger breasts know all too well. Like Amber Rose, most candidates for a breast reduction typically complain about back pain, neck pain, discomfort, unwanted attention, and limited clothing options.

The female empowerment advocate ended the post by asking for advice from her followers. “Are there any ladies out there that are much happier even though you have breast reduction scars?”

Comments from fans, fellow celebrities, and plastic surgeons flooded in. Some suggested she do as she feels—it’s her body—while others insisted she shouldn’t touch her chest.

I have another opinion. Although, I agree that it is her body, and regardless of the scars, many women do find a breast reduction greatly increases their general wellbeing and self-confidence—she is actually a great candidate for a procedure that I created called LipoLift TM breast reduction and lift.

Here’s why.

There are some distinct advantages a LipoLift TM has over a traditional breast reduction. With a standard breast reduction, they typically open up the breast and cut away excess tissue, often times from the top of the breast. With a LipoLift TM, we use liposuction to remove undesirable tissue from the lower part of the breast and the sides—the part that women typically dislike the most. This leaves behind the top part of the breast—the better part—the part that creates cleavage when wearing clothes. And because it’s liposuction, we can actually sculpt and contour the ideal shape, giving the woman a more aesthetically pleasing result.


But what about scarring? While a LipoLift TM, does involve the same type of scars as a traditional breast reduction—the “lollipop” or “anchor scars” that Amber Rose mentioned in her social media post—LipoLift is much less invasive, and because we aren’t opening up the breast as much as with a traditional lift, there is less heavy scarring and no drains are needed after surgery. Another benefit is less recovery time. Most of my LipoLift TM patients have been able to take Tylenol after the surgery and be fine.

Another major consideration when thinking about getting a breast reduction is nipple sensitivity. Anyone that tells you that women don’t worry about whether they will still have nipple sensation after a reduction is wrong. This is a major concern for many women. I’ve actually found with my LipoLift TM patients— because the nerves were so stretched out before the lift, they’ve had increased nipple sensitivity after having the procedure done. Some patients even report that they are hypersensitive now!

LipoLift TM is really a more advanced and safer breast reduction and lift technique. I specifically created it for women like Amber Rose who are looking for an alternative, a less invasive breast reduction and lift. And I strongly advise any woman like Amber Rose that is weighing the pros and cons of having a breast reduction done, to consider coming in and seeing me for a consultation.

SchwartzPractitioner at the Roxbury Institute and founder of The Beverly Hills Breast Institute, Dr. Jaime Schwartz the highest quality and most comprehensive breast surgery care to men, women and transgender patients, alike.

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Images courtesy of Dr. Jaime Schwartz