WATCH: At Home With Haute Beauty/MD Webinars Featuring Wellness Expert Dr. Christine Bishara

Haute Beauty/MD Network continued its live webinar series "At Home With Haute Beauty" on Zoom with New York-based wellness expert Dr. Christine Bishara to talk about boosting your immune system, gut health, and her integrative wellness practice. 

About Dr. Christine Bishara

Dr. Christine Bishara is the founder of From Within Medical, a medical wellness practice that places emphasis on the mind-body and gut-brain axis to prevent and manage disease. With over 20 years of clinical experience, time and time again, Dr. Bishara has discovered that the connection between these systems plays a significant role in disease prevention and management, but it has not been adequately addressed. Dr. Bishara is Board certified in Internal Medicine by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons and is certified in Integrative Medical Weight Loss by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

At Home With Haute Beauty was hosted by Haute Beauty Network's April Donelson. Watch the webinar below:

Highlight quotes:

"What we're realizing is our immune system is sometimes called the 'Guardian of the Galaxy.' The reason that it's called that is because it looks out for things that might cause injury or illness to our body and it patrols and if it finds something that's a little bit worrisome. It, so to speak, calls for backup. So it's very intricate, it involves many different types of cells. But the beauty of the immune system is it's always working to try to protect our body. The majority of it is actually in our GIS your GI tract. So we should definitely start there talking about how can we improve our immune system by starting with the foods that we eat."

"What I usually focus on in my practice is, I don't believe in diets and I don't believe in restriction. I believe that everything in moderation. But I usually focus on trying to get my patients to increase their healthy eating,
and there's a reason behind that.I always like to explain the scientific evidence behind why that is.  We usually recommend a 70/30, which is 70% plant-based, so fruits and vegetables and then 30% other which includes proteins. Again, I don't like to restrict. The 70/30 ratio is so important is because 70% of that food that we're eating fruits and vegetables. It contains antioxidants and, you know, why are antioxidants so important."