Get To Know Breast Expert Dr. Gabrielle Davis

Gabrielle B. Davis, MD is a practicing Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Davis redefines aesthetic medicine by implementing her unique research background in tissue regeneration into her medical practice to reduce the effects of aging on the body. Dr. Davis’ mission is to create natural-appearing results implementing scientific principles of aging with the sound surgical technique. Her philosophy is that while aging is a normal process of life and scientifically we can not stop the process, we can definitely redefine the concept of “ aging gracefully."

Dr. Gabrielle DavisPhoto Credit: Amy Graves

My greatest achievement:

My greatest achievement in life is being the mother of 2 wonderful children. They have inspired me immensely in achieving my career goals. I had my children at a young age and it was always difficult trying to find the perfect balance of being a mother and going through rigorous surgical training. However, they were my motivation to keep striving, despite how difficult things seemed to be. Both of them are now in college and just beginning their career paths. I can only hope that my drive inspires them as well to achieve their career goals.

The future of my field is:

I believe that the future of the field of Plastic Surgery lies in continued medical research to better understand the biological process of aging and tissue regeneration. Understanding these processes will lead to the development of new techniques as well as biologics which can slow aging and rebuild youthful tissue and skin. This also includes understanding how nutrition, exercise and self-care practices such as meditation and yoga influence the aging process.

The biggest misconception about my field is:

I believe that the biggest misconception about Plastic Surgery is that it only encompasses cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. Aesthetics is only one aspect of the profession. Plastic Surgeons are also trained in various types of reconstructive procedures. We have the medical training to repair fractures and soft tissue injury post-trauma, provide reconstruction to cancer patients, and hand reconstruction after debilitating injuries such as amputations. That is only mentioning a few. A majority of aesthetic plastic surgeons perform reconstructive procedures as well. In my case, I also enjoy working with breast cancer patients. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of a team of physicians involved in their road to recovery through breast reconstruction.

My most requested procedures are:

I enjoy it all, from face to breast to body procedures; however, the most requested procedures in my practice are rhinoplasties, aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and body contouring surgery.

Dr. Gabrielle DavisPhoto Credit: Amy Graves

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

I am very excited about all of the minimally invasive options that are available and can be utilized as a preventative measure, or as a precursor to surgery. Starting these modalities early can postpone the need of surgery for several years. In some cases, patients may never require surgery.

What are you best known for?

I am best known for taking the time with my patients. I try not to double book appointments, and I never want my patients to feel “rushed”. Deciding on surgery is an important decision, and patients should have adequate time to ask all of their questions and feel completely comfortable prior to moving forward with their procedure.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

My most memorable patient reaction was a young mother that had significant bulging of her lower abdomen, after having 5 children. She lived a very healthy lifestyle, with respect to a healthy diet and regular exercise. She had resigned to the fact that the lower bulge was never going to go away. She was unaware that the bulge was actually a medical condition, called rectus diastasis, that can develop after pregnancy. When she found out it could be corrected through surgery, she was excited, yet very hesitant, as she previously never considered surgery. I took my time to answer all of her questions and address her concerns until she felt completely comfortable with moving forward with surgery. After surgery, she was ecstatic with her results! I was so grateful that she trusted me with her care and I was able to help her with a part of her body that she was unhappy with for so many years.

What sets my practice apart:

What sets my practice apart is that my patients receive individualized and personalized care. I address their specific concerns and analyze differences in skin tone and texture. I also take their genetic predisposition for aging into consideration, prior to making recommendations. In addition, I always make myself accessible to my patients; if they have any questions, they will always be answered by me personally.

What I love most about my profession is:

What I love most about my profession is the versatility. Plastic surgeons are trained to work on all areas of the body, from head to toe. In addition, we can work in various types of practice settings from hospital-based, academics, community-based or private practice. I also appreciate the unique opportunity of constantly meeting very interesting people, which are my patients.

Career defining procedure?

When I was at Stanford, I was fortunate to be a part of a team of physicians that was involved in a conjoined twin separation. I was able to follow the family in all stages of the process from the pre-operative assessments, surgical planning, surgery and post-operative care. The operation was a success and was a life-changing experience for the family. The optimism they had, that there will be no limitations in the future of the twins, was so encouraging.

What new services are you excited to offer?

A new service that I am excited to offer is Renuvion J- Plasma treatment for skin tightening. It is a minimally invasive modality that utilizes radiofrequency energy and helium gas to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening. It is a great option for patients that are not quite ready for surgery. In addition, it is a good option to utilize in problem areas such as the upper knees, where there are not great surgical modalities to improve skin laxity without creating visible surgical scars.

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