The Haute Beauty Experts Dish On How They Became Renowned Surgeons & Doctors

Since the Haute Beauty Network boasts the most acclaimed doctors, surgeons, and beauty experts in the country, we asked them why they believe they have become so well known in their field and advice to reach their level of success.

Haute Beauty Expert

Dr. Sachin Shridharani, body & face expert in New York

Upon reflection of my journey in becoming a "well-known" plastic surgeon in New York City, commitment to patient care paired with a peerless experience provided to our patients by my team has helped me (us) stand out in a crowded space. We (at LUXURGERY) are at the forefront of science and innovation and incorporate these facets into every treatment plan. My background is rooted in traditional, gold-standard surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments, but my insight into future developments and modalities allows me to always position what is best for my patients. Finally, my team has an unrivaled work ethic which is the core of LUXURGERY's foundation.

The faster you identify where you want to be, the quicker you will get there. You will make a living based on who you take care of but will build your reputation on who you say "NO" to. Finally, never forget that the needs of the patient eclipse all else.

Dr. Hisham Seify, body expert in Orange County

In general, I believe it is something that others would say it and not me ( LOL). But if any surgeon including myself reach practice maturity where the following would apply: 1.) Most of the surgeries are word of mouth referrals. 2.) Treat different generations within the same family. (If the mother refers her daughter or husband, this speaks volumes). 3) Put patient safety and outcome before financials, there are many well-qualified surgeons but good judgment is key to avoid unwanted issues. 4) If you become one of the "go-to" surgeons to fix complications that occurred elsewhere.

My advice is that: It is a marathon, not a sprint, time and consistency is a key factor. Listen to your patients and always critique yourself. And Lastly stay humble and honest!

Dr. Anna Avaliani (cosmetic and laser surgeon), body expert in New York

My artistic eye and passion along with love for research, constant self-education and self-improvement, have helped me become a true state of the art laser center in NYC where I am fortunate enough to design unique and individualized treatment plans for my lovely patients using lasers as tools that I control to achieve results.

My advice is to just Do It. Follow your heart. Surround yourself with people you trust and never settle for "No" or impossible.

Dr. Paul Fortes, body expert in Houston

Being well-known and being successful in plastic surgery often go hand in hand. I believe that the formula for success in plastic surgery is to have a great educational foundation and to never stop learning, to work very hard every day, to always do your very best work, to be kind and appreciative of every single patient, and to surround yourself with a really great team that you believe in and that strongly believes in you. Remove any of these important components and long-term success is less likely to happen or to be sustained.

My advice to any future doctor is to be certain that your heart is in plastic surgery 100 percent. You must have an unrelenting passion for the field and never imagine following an alternative career path. When a person has passion, drive, and energy for any endeavor, over time that person naturally becomes very good at doing that thing that is the focus of their passion. Having only a lukewarm interest in or commitment to excelling in plastic surgery gets a practitioner only a lukewarm level of success in the field.

Dr. Daisy Ayim, body expert in Houston

I started my private practice to simply do what I love autonomously and passionately over a decade ago. This approach has been the catalyst to client satisfaction and loyalty. Being an internationally known surgeon is a byproduct of the pure authenticity of my craft and commitment to exceptional kindness to my clients. Ultimately, a likable personality and bedside manners are the cornerstones to my success.

The simple advice is be clear to yourself about your "why" because that will drive the "how" in your journey. Clearly, there is a huge business component that is lacking in the medical school and residency training years which sets a lot of doctors and surgeons back. I recommend starting early to educate yourself on the business of medicine and it does not necessarily mean to get an MBA.

Dr. Kiran Gill, body expert in Naples, FL

The ultimate in patient experience coupled with excellent surgical outcomes allows my patients to feel comfortable from the minute they step into my boutique practice to their final follow-up appointments. Word of mouth referrals have driven my reputation and I lend that to the patient-centric practice I have created in my business.

My advice is to continue evolving within our discipline, treat your patients and staff as you would like to be treated, and demand surgical excellence of yourself.

Dr. Shwetambara Parakh, body/mommy makeover expert in New Jersey

I treat and take care of all my patients like I would do for a family member and I truly believe that becomes evident in my work and daily interactions. My biggest referral is still word of mouth or in this digital age - it’s the honest online reviews my patients write about their experience.

In medicine, we often say “The 3 A’s of Success” are Ability, Affability, and Availability. This is cliched but so true. Each of these qualities is so important in getting your name out there. To build a successful practice – I would say the ability to dream big, to believe in the power of your dreams and then have the courage and conviction to go after it with all you’ve got!

Dr. Ralph Garramone, body expert in Fort Myers, FL

I have developed a lifelong commitment to patient care. Listening to my patients' desires and concerns allow me to lead with their enthusiasm. Frank discussion of potential patient outcomes promotes trust and transparency. I have designed this approach solely to help my patients reach a practical, rational, and beneficial long-term surgical decision that will best suit them and provide nothing but exceptional results.

My advice is:
-Curating impeccable bedside manner.
-Requesting feedback from patients on experiences, preferences, and apprehensions.
-Practicing humility and understanding.
-Continue education in both professional and personal passions.
-Take care of yourself on every level - mind, body, and spirit, so you can be of better service to your patients - share these practices with those around you so not only you but your team and supporters can grow alongside you.