Get To Know Smile Expert Dr. Kenny Wilstead

Dr. Kenny Wilstead has been mentored by over 25 of the leading cosmetic dentists in the United States. With over a thousand life-changing smile makeovers under his belt, he believes that nothing is more important than confidence a new smile can bring. At 41 years of age, he practices with his wife of 20 years by his side and all 3 of his grown children working around the office while they pursue their own dreams of also becoming dental professionals. The journey has been long getting to this day when Smile Again Dental was finally able to open its doors. “Sometimes life has its own ideas for us and the journey is our reward. I’m just lucky to have my family support me and work with me to build my dream of changing lives, one smile at a time.”


Dr. Kenny WilsteadPhoto Credit: Dr. Kenny Wilstead

What is your greatest achievement?

My 3 children with my badass wife and for all the 20 years she’s put up with me.

What is the future of your field?

Hopefully teaching all young new dentists how easy it is to bless a life with a new smile.

What is the biggest misconception about your field?

That implants are the future of dentistry. I truly believe they are what is crippling the industry. The idea that teeth can and should be saved is an idea being lost in the dental world and it’s sad. So many can’t afford implants and yet, that is all that is being presented when so many options are still available but young dentists are being taught to pull teeth even because “what’s the use saving a tooth if it will be pulled eventually?” But how many get those implants really? We have patients and dentists losing hope and belief that quality dentistry can still be the answer. But the keyword that seems to be harder and harder to find whoever, is “quality.” If so many dentists are pulling everything g before they show even themselves what they are capable of, then it seems implants WILL BE the only option. And we will have the largest generation of missing teeth ever encountered.

What are your most requested procedures?

A new smile.

What surgical advancements are you most excited about?

Tissue regeneration

What are you best known for?

Life-changing and confidence-building smile makeovers.

What is your most memorable patient reaction?

Kyleigha Scott had a reaction heard around the world by millions after I fixed her smile in 10 minutes after being head-butted in the middle of the night by her ex while she was asleep. For two years her front tooth reminded her of that night, until I fixed it for no charge when she came in for a tooth extraction.

What sets your practice apart?

The atmosphere and casual attitude about being a professional doesn't have to mean “acting” professional.

What do you love most about your profession?

Seeing the light return to someone’s eyes after they can finally smile again.

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