Haute Beauty Experts Share Aesthetic Trends In The Beauty Industry

aesthetic trendsPhoto Credit: ShutterstockAs far as trends go, we always seek to be up-to-date with what's in and leave behind what's not especially when it comes to beauty. Everyone wants to look and feel their best without much downtime and recovery. Thus why the beauty industry continues to educate us on non-surgical alternatives. Haute Beauty sat down with our Haute Beauty experts to discuss what aesthetic trends are changing in the beauty industry. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Alina Sholar | Medical Aesthetics | Austin

There are some compelling directions that we are heading in aesthetic medicine, and to me, it’s quite exciting. First, the current trend is leaning toward more non-invasive options. In the ‘90s and early on in my career, invasive cosmetic surgery was popularized, but today non-invasive procedures are all the rage when it comes to aesthetic medicine trends. Where I used to do so many facelifts in a year, I now do just a handful. Why is this? We have made so many inspiriting advances that we are able now to accomplish so much more with non-invasive treatments like Ultherapy, RF Microneedling, and regenerative medicine treatments like PRP and stem cell-derived growth factor applications, that the necessity for full-fledged cosmetic surgery is diminishing rapidly. The new trend for more discerning women and men is to make small, incremental changes rather than making major changes all at once and creating distorted features.

Second, I am really finding that patients are looking for treatments that intersect aesthetic medicine and functional medicine. Emsculpt and Emsella are examples of this, where we can aesthetically make nice enhancements, but we are also producing functional results. The improvement of quality of life as an outcome can’t be underestimated. Both women and men are recognizing that how the core abdominal and pelvic floor musculature functions, in the example of Emsculpt and Emsella, has a profound impact on the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence, rectus diastasis, and back pain, and brings improvement in their overall strength and postural stability. Thus, the patient’s quality of life is improved, but it’s totally a win-win, because they look better, too.

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Enlighten MD | Medspa | Dallas

What we see happening is that patients are interested in more convenience. At Enlighten we have an entire building of beauty. You could come in for some Botox and find an outfit at our Boutique and then complete your look at our full-service hair salon. We also offer massage, lashes, and nails in our Beauty suites. We feel like the more we can offer under one roof the better it is for our patients. Time is valuable to everyone and we're here to help. Maximize your beauty routine with combination treatments after a consult to set a plan. Once you have that plan in place, the rest is easy. The response we've seen with patients spending the day in one place getting everything they need has been so positive. Save the stress and your time with us at Enlighten!

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Dr. Brittany Dickinson | Smile | Chicago

In the last few years, cosmetic dentistry has been trending toward a more natural look. Where people used to want big, white teeth, now the majority want to have a smile that looks totally natural, yet still gorgeous. This means, introducing a little character into their veneers, keeping a natural (and still bright shade), and using their actual teeth as a blueprint to design their new smile. This makes every single smile unique even though they are all beautiful!

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Dr. Bertha Baum | Skin | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Less surgical interventions more non-invasive procedures, people are moving more towards the natural look, looking themselves but refreshed, instead of trying to look like someone else or adding different features to their faces that don’t enhance their beauty or even changing their underlying structure. Also, we have seen more focus on body areas, including neck, chest, knees, hands, and arms as well as overall body tightening and other procedures that aid in the process of eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle with a consistent exercise routine. A lot of focus is on skincare as well, medical skincare can maintain and protect the treatments patients get in the office.

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Mint Wellness Center | Wellness | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

The future of wellness is huge and its growth projection as more and more men and women are opting for a healthy life through personal care. Self-care from the inside out is one of the trends that will continue to shape the near future. In today's busy lives, people are seeking a balance between a healthy and productive life that includes self-care, organic products, and non-invasive procedures. Skincare has become very popular recently because people want to have glowing skin without the need to wear makeup and this has to be with the shifting to a more natural lifestyle.

Our most requested advanced aesthetic treatment is liposonix, a non-invasive treatment that allows you to lose up to 7 cm per session.

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Dr. Deepa Verma | Integrative/Anti-Aging | Tampa/St. Petersburg

In my opinion as an integrative/anti-aging MD, I am seeing more people (men and women) lean towards having non-surgical as well as non-invasive procedures done which are more convenient and require little to no downtime. This is a huge asset in the fast-paced world we are living in, where it is often difficult to take weeks off post-surgery. This trend pervades face and body aesthetics.

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Dr. Steven Davidowitz | Smile | New York

Many across America have spent more time than usual inspecting our forehead wrinkles or sagging skin, and imperfections over the pandemic. This has led to a surge in patients booking non-invasive cosmetic procedures to tighten, sculpt, and fill the parts of the face and body that they felt made them appear older on Zoom.

The "Zoom effect" also presented a more up-close view of our teeth and smiles. Coffee and wine stains, chips and snaggle teeth, etc. And as a result, people are flocking to cosmetic dentists to get their teeth straightened, whitened, or porcelain veneers for a complete smile makeover.

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Studio Sculpt + MOXXI | Medspa | Southeast Michigan

Although aesthetic trends are ever-changing, over the last few years, we have seen more of a natural approach to aesthetics. Having overdone lips, cheeks, breasts, butts, etc., has been on its way out for some time now. When our clients come in for a consultation, the first thing they state is: “I don’t want anyone to know I had anything done,” or, “I want to look natural.” With that being said, we take a slower approach to their treatment plan and gradually build a new foundation together. Having an aesthetics and body sculpting business allows us to see the full picture. We assess and recommend appropriate treatment plans suitable for our clients. Though there are still specific needs for plastic surgery, our devices such as Emsculpt Neo and Morpheus8 enable us to build muscle, destroy fat, and tighten skin without the surgical aspect. We know our client’s time is important to them, and providing procedures with minimal to no downtime allows them to get back to their busy lifestyles immediately.

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