Haute Beauty Smile Experts Dish On The #1 Thing Neglected In A Patient’s Mouth

smilePhoto Credit: ShutterstockAvoiding the dentist is very common for many people. For some reason, dentist visits are the last thing on peoples' to-do list. Even though your oral health is extremely important and regular checkups are necessary for your oral health. Haute Beauty sat down with our smile experts to discuss what is the #1 thing they see neglected in a patient's mouth.  Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Brittany Dickinson | Smile | Chicago

The top thing I notice being neglected in our patient’s mouths is acid erosion! A lot of times people notice their teeth are more yellow or getting worn down or thin and think it is from grinding, but oftentimes it’s acid wear. Both acid reflux and acidic foods and drinks can cause this. Carbonated waters are so prevalent now and surprisingly they’re a common culprit! While we can’t grow back enamel, it’s typically easy to stop this acid erosion. We prescribe a high concentration of toothpaste, and make small edits to diet and lifestyle to protect the teeth from acids!

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Dr. Ashandra Batiste | Smile | Houston

Periodontal disease! It is the number one cause of tooth loss and patients do not take care of the foundation.

All patients want are the "Hollywood Veneers" when the foundation is broken. Let me make a comparison: can you imagine a 10,000 square foot mansion built on mud? No, it wouldn't happen because the foundation has to be solid to support the beautiful mansion. Patients today need to understand, the foundation (our gums and the bone under the gums) has to be healthy to support the impeccable mansion on top.

Periodontal disease is very common. 2 out of 3 patients have some level of periodontal disease. Due to periodontal disease being a "silent disease" it does not cause severe pain until the disease is progressed and many problems are irreversible.

So, the point: get your regularly scheduled dental check-ups, and if you are told you need "more than a regular cleaning" please understand that your foundation is sick and needs to be rebuilt.

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Dr. Mimi Yeung | Smile | New York

Periodontal issues sometimes have delayed diagnosis when making a treatment plan. There are many reasons why it may not be addressed sooner by some practitioners. One of the main reasons is that it is more attentive to carious lesions or infections and tends to them first. The periodontal issue will likely get addressed much later once other issues are resolved. Sometimes a patient will try to dictate the order of treatment according to what they deem more important. It gets a little difficult when we have to decide between what patients want, what they need comprehensively, and what is financially reasonable for them. If it was a perfect world, I think all periodontal diseases and other conditions would be treated congruently based on the severity of the site.

We should all try to remind ourselves that periodontal disease is a silent disease that can cause tooth loss without much discomfort in the disease progression. Treating this condition promptly is pivotal in dental health success.

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