Here Are The Products To Use For A Successful [Insert Procedure] Recovery

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Regardless of the procedure one undergoes, there will always be post-operation recommendations. Whether it is refraining from physical activities for a week or using a specific product to improve your healing time, these suggestions are key to a successful recovery. To get an understanding as to what Haute Beauty top doctors and beauty experts advise their patients, Haute Beauty found out the 3 products they recommend or prescribe after each of their most requested surgery. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz | Eyelid Surgery & Face | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

I am a big proponent of taking care of the skin after facial surgery to maximize the outcomes. I incorporate a skin regimen for patients to use post-op in all my deep plane facelifts, neck lifts and eyelid surgery. Some of the most popular products are: Tripeptide - R Neck Repair, A.G.E. eye complex and triple lipid restore from Skinceuticals.

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Dr. Daisy Ayim | Body | Houston

The most requested surgery in my practice is body contouring which includes liposuction, bodytite and abdominoplasty. Here are my top three products to compliment both nonsurgical and surgical body contouring.

First, a compression garment is a must with body service. Post liposuction creates a space that needs compression to avoid post-procedural complications. We advise the garment specifically says post-liposuction garment and not shapewear or similar material. The texture and compressive nature of the garment are important to your recovery journey.

Second, lymphatic massage post body contouring is an excellent adjunct that we routinely recommend to our clients. This procedure can be initiated the same day after liposuction or within two weeks post abdominoplasty. Lymphatic massage is tailored to each client and duration also varies.

Lastly, we recommend Silagen post-procedure care kit which has arnica bromelain with other ingredients for oral complex supplements and mix with vitamin K as topical recovery gel. This post-procedure care kit helps reduce swelling, improve the appearance of bruises, clears excess fluid and blood. We recommend starting the oral complex supplements two days prior to the procedure and recovery gel may be applied to the affected area post-procedure. We routinely include the above top 3 products in our post-body procedures which our clients truly appreciate.

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Dr. Edward Chamata | Body | Houston

The top 3 products I recommend for tummy tucks, lipo procedures, and/or BBLs are:

Silicone gel sheets or silicone gel. I typically have my patients start applying it at 3 weeks postop for 12 hours a day over a period of 3 months. My published research in the plastic surgery literature on post-operative scar management shows the superiority of silicone in scar care as compared to other creams and products.

Compression garment. Compression is extremely important for decreasing swelling and improving overall contour! I typically have my patients wear a compression garment for at least 3 months after surgery until all residual swelling has subsided! As the swelling decreases with time, the garment will become looser-fitting, therefore it’s important to get it altered for a snugger fit. Alternatively, purchasing an adjustable garment may be beneficial for that purpose as well.

Sunscreen. Once the incisions have closed completely, I always recommend applying SPF 50 or higher anytime my patients are out in the sun, even if the incisions are covered with clothing! This protects the scars from turning darker in coloration and becoming more visible. It’s especially important to reapply sunscreen frequently for that same reason.

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Dr. Brian Machida | Face | Los Angeles

For my practice, what brings the best results is not what’s done after but during the surgery.  First I use tranexamic acid as part of my injection to reduce the risk of post-op bleeding and hematoma. Second, to reduce swelling after surgery, I give an injection of a steroid, in my case, Decadron. If swelling is prevented early in recovery, patients don’t have to deal with as much swelling later in recovery. Third, I offer exparel injections which offer prolonged local anesthesia for three days. Patients usually experience little or no pain on the first day. Lastly, I will be starting the use of artiss during the surgery to get the facelift flaps more flattened and contoured. All of these products are used intraoperatively to get the best results and incredible patient experience.

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Dr. Ralph Garramone | Body | Fort Myers

My most requested surgery in my practice is the Mommy Makeover. The top product that I put all surgical patients on is Arnika Forte it really speeds the healing by minimizing bruising and swelling. It has a fantastic blend of Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C, and Rutin. I have patients start on this 2 days before any surgical procedure. I ask that they continue taking this for seven days after their procedure.

Scar Cream, as with most surgery there is an incision or entry point. Usually, two weeks after surgery we have our patients start on a medical-grade silicone-based scar cream, gel or tape. This goes over any incision I have made.

Compression is a game-changer for the body after any skin removal, liposuction, and body contouring procedure. This must be worn for a minimum of three months.

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Dr. Kiran Gill | Body | Naples

Because post-surgical recovery often includes swelling, bruising, and scarring, I recommend Silagen silicone therapy, Bright Eyes creme, and Illuminate brightening pads to ease the healing process and enhance surgical results. Both Bright Eyes and Illuminate are from the line of medical-grade products I developed to meet patients’ skin needs. Silagen’s silicone therapy gels and strips help to heal and minimize the appearance of surgical scars on the face and body. Silagen’s line also includes products for swelling and bruising, which provide comfort while speeding up the recovery process.

Surgery on the face, in particular, requires skincare products that help to facilitate recovery and support surgical results. Bright Eyes cream soothes and hydrates the delicate skin areas around the eyes during the healing process; continued use helps to maintain results over time. Illuminate brightening pads provide the finishing touch for an overall healthy, clear skin tone postsurgery.

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Dr. P. Daniel Ward | Face | Salt Lake City

The most requested surgery that I perform is rhinoplasty. For this procedure, like most facial plastic surgical procedures, taking care of the skin is very important. I tell my patients that facial plastics procedures are kind of like home remodeling projects. The actual surgery, where we reposition cartilage, bone, soft tissue, etc is similar to a remodeling project where we tear down and rebuild the walls. The skincare is kind of like painting over the remodeling project. Nobody would ever complete a home remodel and not paint after it, would they!?!

Taking care of the skin is so important in my mind, that I give every one of my cosmetic patients a skincare system valued at nearly $700. The system I prefer is the FormRx Complete System and it involves six steps, including the FormRx Complete Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Sun Block (with a gentle tint to help hide any potential bruising), Retinol-Containing Night Cream, and a Microdermabrasion Scrub.

Some of the most important aspects are the cleanser, the sunblock, and the night cream. The cleanser is important to help remove any built-up oils, adhesives, etc that may be on the skin after surgery. The sunblock is important because it helps ensure that the scars are not exposed to UV radiation, which harms healing. The night cream, which contains retinol, is important to help ensure good cell turnover and health.

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Medical Aesthetician Victoria Socarras, Careaga Plastic Surgery | Body | Miami/Fort Lauderdale

The 3 best skincare products I recommend after one of our most requested surgeries (facelift) are the following, including 2 to 3 facials before surgical procedure.

Sente Dermal Repair Cream. (day and night) Intensely hydrates after the procedure. This powerful moisturizing cream hydrates and strengthens the skin's ability to repair itself. With amazing ingredients like Green tea and Sodium Hyaluronate, a powerful humectant that hydrates skin and keeps it moist

BIOCORNEUM. It’s an advanced scar treatment with FDA-Cleared plus medical grade silicone SPF 30 to protect and also treat the facelift scars. Its advanced benefits of silicone sheeting through the comfort and ease of a gel are great for post-procedure.

ZO Sunscreen + Primer 30spf. This dual-action sunscreen protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays and from HEV light with a smooth matte finish that can diminish the appearance of the scars.

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Dr. Jason Bloom | Face | Philadelphia

I actually have 1 specific product for each of my 3 most popular surgeries and another product that I recommend for all incisional surgery.

For rhinoplasty surgery or nose jobs, I have my patients wear post-op nasal “retainer” splints that are custom made for each patient based on their computer imaged before & after photos from a company called MirrorMe3D. These clear plastic splints are worn like “Invisalign for the nose” and help to push the swelling out of the nose through compression, in order to get patients rapidly recovered.  The computer imaging that we do pre-operatively is used as the template to create these splints that I have found work exceptionally well, especially in my thick-skinned patients, where some surgeons opt to re-tape the nose.

For blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, I recommend that my patients wear OcuMend hydrogel patches on their under-eye areas. These amazing hydrogel patches stick to the face and allow patients to ice their eyes right over the top of them. Additionally, the gel patches are impregnated with Arnica montana and Ledum, which are homeopathic medicines to help reduce swelling and bruising. I have truly seen a difference in the quick resolution of periorbital bruising when patients wear these patches after surgery.

For face & neck lift surgery, I have my patients optimize their perioperative nutrition with Mend Cosmetic nutritional supplementation. This is a nutritional supplement powder that patients start about 2 weeks before their surgery and continue after surgery for about the same time period.  This formula, which I helped to formulate, contains vitamin C, arnica, bromelain, collagen and other important nutrients that are critical for wound healing.  The Mend Cosmetic powder is easily made into a shake that patients take once a day.

Finally, for all of my surgeries that involve incisions on the face, I always recommend Skinuva scar gel to help with the management and appearance of their scars. This is an excellent silicone-based scar gel that binds to the scar and also has a number of important growth factors to minimize scars after surgical procedures.  This was developed by an oculoplastic surgery colleague of mine in Los Angeles and has undergone numerous clinical studies and significant testing showing its efficacy in those trials.

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