What Is Matthew McConaughey Using For Great Hair?

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All right, all right, all right. Let’s talk about Matthew McConaughey’s recent revelation that he has been using a special “ointment” to regrow his hair and fill in bald spots. In the Daily Mail article, he admitted using a product called Regenix daily for the past two decades after seeing a big bald spot at his crown during the filming of the Wedding Planner. He also says that part of his hair regrowth secret was shaving his head under a full moon because he is, you know, still Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew swears he’s never had a hair transplant, even though he says that he’s heard rumors that some surgeons are taking credit for doing his transplant surgery. He also denies using topical or oral prescription meds like Propecia or minoxidil. So, what is Regenix? Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Melissa Toyos reviews the case. This is what she found:

To be fair, I have never treated Matthew McConaughey and before reading the article, was completely unfamiliar with the Regenix product line. After doing research, what I’ve learned is this: Regenix is an online company that retails in some doctor’s offices and offers a natural line of non-FDA approved hair products (shampoo, conditioner, deep cleaner, styling gel, etc.) and supplements (saw palmetto and a b vitamin complex). The products contain common over-the-counter ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile, a natural anti-inflammatory. However, I didn’t see anything in the list of ingredients, natural or otherwise, that looked like anything that would regrow hair.

Regenix leans towards volumizing the existing hair, making it look and feel fuller instead of getting thicker or fuller. As a hair restoration expert, I would treat McConaughey through a more scientific approach that can provide the best vision and appearance possible. Through oral supplements, topicals, PRP, CapillusRX and SmartGraft, I can ensure long-lasting results for hair loss.

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